Israel Attack Gaza – 115 Palestinians Dead mostly Women and Children 850 wounded Update – Is Israel in Bible Prophecy?

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  1. Israeli Terror Attacks: Day 5

    Bay Area Indymedia ‎- 5 hours ago
    as this is written is day 5. Monday when it’s read will be day 6. How
    much longer will this continue? How much more death, destruction,

Death Toll Rises To 94 Palestinians…

50 Civilians Killed… 720 Wounded…

Airstrike Hits Gaza HQ Of Local, Foreign Media…

Report: Militant Leader Dies…

Both Sides To Present Truce Conditions…

Alleged Ultimatum: Stop Rockets Or Offensive Steps Up…

75 Rockets Fired At Israel Monday…

Over 1,350 Sites In Gaza Hit…

WATCH: Blast Rattles Anderson Cooper…



Turkey’s Erdogan calls Israel a “terrorist state” – Yahoo! News…

3 hours ago – “For this reason, I say that Israel is a terrorist state, and its acts are terrorist Smoke rises following an Israeli strike in the northern Gaza Strip

  • Israeli air strikes inflict bitter toll on Gaza childrenA Palestinian man kisses the hand of a dead relative
    Hamas PM condemns ‘ugly massacre’
    that wiped out 11 members of one family as onslaught continues

     At least 11 members of one family, including five women and four children, were killed when Israel bombed a house in Gaza Cityon Sunday as the five-day-old war claimed more civilian lives with no sign of a let-up in the intense bombardment.The air strike flattened the home of the Dalou family in the Sheikh Radwan district of Gaza City, causing the biggest death toll in a single incident since the offensive began last Wednesday.

    Monday morning the Israeli defence force appeared to admit the family
    had been killed by mistake. The Haaretz website quoted the army as
    saying their house was either incorrectly pinpointed or a missile malfunctioned.

    The Associated Press ‎- 31 minutes ago
    Updated at 7:20 a.m. ET: GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — International mediation efforts gathered steam Monday as Israel bombed dozens of
New York Times

Violence a daily reality as world leaders push for IsraelGaza cease-fire

CNN ‎- 5 hours ago

But Israel said nearly 100 rockets fired from Gaza in recent days have and Hamas news organizations as well as a handful of international

IAF kills Hamas rocket commander; Obama urges Israel to avoid ground offensive

Rocket scored direct hit on Be’er Sheva home; three wounded in
attacks on south; Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Tel Aviv, car catches
fire from shrapnel; Lieberman: Cease-fire is contingent upon total
cessation of fire by all terrorist groups.


Protests denounce Israeli bombing of Gaza

A man extinguishes the fire in a car targeted by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City

Israel Troops Gaza

Israel assassinates Hamas military chief in GazaNews –

UN Security Council Calls Emergency Session.. Video Reportedly Shows Israel Killing Hamas Military Chief

Will Obama allow Netanyahu to Massacre the People of Gaza like Israel did in December of 2008?

Missiles fall near Hamas PM’s house as Israel intensifies attacks on
A targeted missile strike launched from an Israeli Navy warship has hit a vehicle near the home of Hamas

Egyptian PM visits Gaza as attacks continue

News: Egypt Torn Between Allies in Gaza and Treaty With Israel

Barack Obama Counsels Israel Restraint as Benjamin Netanyahu

Obama calls Israel, Egypt

Politico18 hours ago
President Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in an effort to ease tensions  MAP: Gaza-Israel Crisis 2012: Every Verified Incident Mapped.The Guardian has created and is updating a map
that shows all the verified incidents reported by news sources and
wires across the region since the assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed
Jabari last week.

According to Blogger Living In Gaza City, Death Toll Climbs To 102

A Palestinian blogger living
in Gaza City is keeping a running total of all those reported
casualties in the Gaza Strip, complete with names and ages. Shahd Abusalamareports a death toll of 102 since the Israeli air strikes began on Wednesday. Video Shows Explosion At Shorouk Media Building

Al Jazeera aired footage of
the explosion at the Shorouk Media building, the second media building
to be hit by Israeli strikes on Sunday and Monday. The building houses
Al Arabiya, a Saudi-owned international TV channel, Al Aqsa TV, a local
TV channel, and Dubai TV, all of which have wide viewership in the Arab

Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba said on location: “The other media
building which was hit on Sunday saw several journalists wounded,
including one Palestinian cameraman who lost his leg in that attack. He
had to have it amputed because of his injuries. He was working for Al
Quds TV. This building that you see on fire is home to Al Aqsa TV, which
is a Hamas TV channel that is much more closely affiliated to Hamas.”

Dramatic Photos

The Guardian’s website
published a slideshow of twenty dramatic news photographs of the
continuing conflict between Israel and Gaza.Take a look here. Large Explosion Near Anderson Cooper During Live Report In Gaza Israelis And Palestinians Plead For Peace Via Facebook GroupThe creator of the
Israel-Loves-Iran campaign launched a new project pleading with Israel
and Palestinian militants to stop the violence in Gaza.

Obama to PM: Green Light, But Watch Out for Civilians – WW-3 NWO

Arutz Sheva

So far, the world’s leaders seem to be backing Israel’s defensive action in Gaza. U.S. President Barack H. Obama and EU Foreign Policy chief ..

Israeli air strike on Hamas military chief – video released by IDF

15 Nov 2012:


(16 sec)

Video released by the Israeli Defence Forces shows the pinpoint
air strike targeting Ahmed al-Jabari, the Hamas military commander

Israel attacks on Gaza, Hamas kill Hamas leader

video.msnbc.msn.comNew20 hours ago
Video on Ahmed Al-Jaabari, commander of the military wing of Hamas has been killed by an

  1. Hamas military chief killed in Gaza air strike – Telegraph day ago
    Hamas has said that Israeli air strike in Gaza which killed Ahmed Jabari, Arab League meeting
  2. Israel and Gaza’s deadly exchange continues hours ago
    Palestinians in Gaza parade the bodies of two men killed in air strikes as Israel continues its bombardment.
  3. Why has Israel attacked Gaza now? – video | News hours ago
    Jonathan Freedland considers the factors influencing the timing of Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Jaabari funeral

Egypt’s president condemns Israeli ‘aggression’

Israel continues to pound Gaza Strip after missile strike kills Hamas military leader

Israel intensifies attacks on Gaza Strip – Middle

Airstrikes target tunnels near city of Rafah as Palestinian fighters retaliate with rocket fire into southern Israel.

Israel War Crimes – The World Will Never Forget

  • Palestinian Hamas members carry the body of Ahmed al-Jabari during his funeral in Gaza City

    Gallery (18 pictures),

    15 Nov 2012:

    Deadly exchanges escalate in Gaza after an attack yesterday
    killed Hamas commander Ahmed al-Jabari. Three people have been killed
    after rockets fired from Gaza struck southern Israel, as the military
    onslaught enters a second day



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