Tornados 4-27-2011 – Video-Pics – Weather Modification and HAARP Connection

Tornadoes And Storms Rip Through South, At Least …

Tornadoes and violent storms ripped through seven southern U.S. states, killing at least 250 people as they flattened neighborhoods, flipped cars and toppled trees and power lines. In the deadliest series of tornadoes in nearly four decades in the United States, 131 people were killed in Alabama, the worst-hit state which suffered “massive destruction of property,” Governor Robert Bentley said on Thursday. … Full Story »

CBS- The tornado-spewing storm system that killed scores across Alabama unleashed its fury on Tuscaloosa – but the city can be thankful that its iconic football stadium was spared … Deadly tornadoes devastate Alabama cities –Weather … BREAKING NEWS: MASSIVE Tornado SLAMS Alabama 4/27/2011

… and Overview – 2 Week Forecast For USA (4/27/2011) … Surry Nuclear Power Plant – EAST COAST Alert: HAARP/VLF ‘Rings’ To Induce Severe Weather And Tornadoes …
4/27/2011 – HAARP rings & Scalar Squares – Dallas to Watertown NY = tornados / severe weather 4/26/2011 — Massive HAARP Ring …

by dutchsinse on Apr 26, 2011
Watertown, Martinsburg New York, within 24-48 hours from now.. tornados and severe weather will hit the center of the ring area.

Harper Kansas .. no pun intended on HAARP play on words… in Kansas at I-35 east of Caldwell .. at the state line exactly = tornado or VERY severe weather after this current storm blows through.. in 24-48 hours from now.

Dallas Texas, severe weather up to and including tornados after this current storm system blows through, within the next 24-48 hours…. to the NORTH of Dallas in between Denton and Ardmore TX.

Childersberg Mississippi, severe weather up to and including tornados within the next 24-48 hours AFTER this current system blows through..
Carthage and Philadelphia Mississippi as well.

Alexandria Louisiana, north to Ball Louisiana, tornados and severe weather within 24-48 hours AFTER this current storm blows through .. another system will come right to the center of all these named towns.

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