PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA WINS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE – Israeli PM: No Chance for Peace in Middle East – History of Modern-day Jewry

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Less than nine months into his presidency, Barack Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

Less than nine months into his presidency, Barack Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

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President Obama is the 2009 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama was cited for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” full story

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Obama’s election and foreign policy moves caused a dramatic improvement in the image of the U.S. around the world. A 25-nation poll of 27,000 people released in July by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found double-digit boosts to the percentage of people viewing the U.S. favorably in countries around the world. That indicator had plunged across the world under President George W. Bush. Still, the U.S. remains at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. Congress has yet to pass a law reducing carbon emissions and there has been little significant reduction in global nuclear stockpiles since Obama took office.

“So soon? Too early. He has no contribution so far. He is still at an early stage. He is only beginning to act,” said former Polish President Lech Walesa, a 1983 Nobel Peace laureate.

“This is probably an encouragement for him to act. Let’s see if he perseveres. Let’s give him time to act,” Walesa said.

The award appeared to be a slap at Bush from a committee that harshly criticized Obama’s predecessor for his largely unilateral military action in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The Nobel committee praised Obama’s creation of “a new climate in international politics” and said he had returned multilateral diplomacy and institutions like the U.N. to the center of the world stage.

“You have to remember that the world has been in a pretty dangerous phase,” Jagland said. “And anybody who can contribute to getting the world out of this situation deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.”

Unlike the other Nobel Prizes, which are awarded by Swedish institutions, the peace prize is given out by a five-member committee elected by the Norwegian Parliament. Like the Parliament, the committee has a leftist slant, with three members elected by left-of-center parties. Jagland said the decision to honor Obama was unanimous.

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For the first time in 90 years, a sitting President of the United States of America is honored with the Nobel Peace Prize, not only for the impact he has made on the world stage but for what he aspires to do, thereby bringing honor to America and to the American people, once again restoring our place in the world as the beacon of light, of hope and of peace … and what do the Republicans say?

“Give it back, because it offends our sensibilities, contradicts our narrative and confuses us.”

Last week, the Republicans applauded America’s loss. This week, the Republicans decry America’s win.

America first, Republicans? Not anymore, huh?

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As an Australian I can only say that I would give my right arm for our Prime Minister to be so honoured. It is entirely inexplicable to read and hear of Americans who are so unable to take pride in the recognition given to their President; it’s an award given by a committee in another country, just accept it and now keep your President focussed on deserving it.

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This was written before the full extent of the holocaust was known, but that does not alter the fact that the large majority of surviving Jews in the world is of Eastern European – and thus perhaps mainly of Khazar – origin. If so, this would mean that their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Should this turn out to be the case, then the term “anti-Semitism” would become void of meaning, based on a misapprehension shared by both the killers and their victims. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated. (Arthur Koestler,The Thirteenth Tribe, p. 17).

Old Khazaria existed from about 500 A.D. to about 1000 A.D.

Old Khazaria adopted the religion of Talmudic Judaism about 740 A.D.

Khazaria was reborn on May 14, 1948.

The most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.

New Khazaria.

New Kharzaria (Israel)

Hoax of themillenium

When he (Satan) speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)

As long as Apostate Israel (New Khazaria) exist…there will never be any peace in the Middle East. Modern-day Jewry is of Eastern European/Aryan descent and thus they are not Semitic. Let the truth be told everywhere.



JERUSALEM — President Barack Obama’s Mideast envoy finds himself increasingly hamstrung, with Israel’s foreign minister on Thursday all but ruling out a peace deal for years to come and the Palestinian leader weakened by his decision not to push for a Gaza war crimes tribunal against Israel.
Jordan’s King Abdullah II added a gloomy warning that prospects for peace are “sliding into darkness.” Obama envoy George Mitchell, visiting Israeli and Palestinian leaders for the second time in three weeks, is trying relentlessly to bring the sides together for talks, but the obstacles he faces are daunting.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman suggested that the two sides come up with a long-term interim arrangement that would ensure stability, while at the same time putting off a final deal. He recommended leaving the toughest issues – such as the status of disputed Jerusalem and a solution for Palestinian refugees who lost homes amid war – “to a much later stage.” Lieberman’s approach runs counter to U.S. efforts to reach an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal quickly. The Palestinians have said they will not agree to an interim peace deal that would put off a resolution of the conflict indefinitely.
In Washington, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said Thursday that restarting negotiations is an urgent matter. “The time has come for both sides to agree to just cut right through all of this and get back to peace talks,” he said. On the Palestinian side, Israel’s punishing winter offensive in Gaza deepened anger toward Israel and further reduced whatever sentiment there was for concessions to Israel in a peace deal. It also underlined Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ powerless position in Gaza, overrun by Hamas militants in 2007.
Abbas is walking a tightrope, trying not to appear intransigent to the White House while seeking to retain credibility with Palestinians accusing him of appeasing the Israelis.
On Wednesday, Gaza professors threw shoes at his defaced image and West Bank commentators called for his resignation, signs Abbas may have miscalculated in bowing to what Palestinian officials say was intense U.S. pressure to suspend Palestinian diplomatic efforts to get Israeli officials put on trial for war crimes in Gaza.
Nearly 1,400 Palestinians were killed in the war, including hundreds of civilians. Israel, which lost 13 civilians and soldiers in the war.

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