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Who Control Wall Street and The US Banking Industry?

Millions of Americans are unemployed, the US is on the brink of a depression greater than the great depression of 1929, Wall Street is collapsing, who is to blame?  What is the cause?  Is there a link between 911,  Israel and Wall Street? 

Soros: No Bottom For World Financial “Collapse”


Nadya Suleman’s Pregnancy Photos and Donation Web Site at 

Nadya Suleman’s belly of horror and donation web site.






More Octuplet Madness

Belly of horror and donation web site? Say it ain’t so …

-Mean Betty

Mean Betty has TRIED to hold her tongue. She really has. After all, there are 14 innocent children involved here and even Mean Betty feels compassion and worries what will happen when one day the octuplet babies learn to Google.

Also, Mean Betty really felt this matter had been done to death. Was there really anything more to say? COULD IT POSSIBLY GET ANY MORE OUTGRAGEOUS???

Why, yes, it can. And it did.

This morning brings fresh horror to Mean Betty’s in-box.






Nadya Suleman pregnancy photo

Octuplet Mom On Food Stamps, Three Kids Receive Disability

”Extra” Friend Michael B. can’t believe Nadya Suleman has 14 kids — and is unemployed. “How is this woman ever going to take care of 14 kids?” he asked in a forum in our community.

Share your opinion about this controversial story — join the conversation now!

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Nadya Suleman: Octuplets’ – Jewish Mom Obsessed With Kids, Has 14, Didn’t Want To Marry –  Eugenics – Planned Parenthood Failed

Rihanna Bloodied, Beaten, Bitten By Chris Brown: Reports

Jobless claims highest since 1982

The number of Americans claiming new unemployment benefits last week reached 622,00. Now, more than 4.8 million people are receiving unemployment benefits and more than 11 million are unemployed. President Obama warned that failure to act immediately on his economic aid plan “will turn crisis into a catastrophe and guarantee a longer recession.”Read more… News


Barack Obama vs. Rush Limbaugh on The View

Swampland -         

Please Go Away–II

In today’s edition of Please Go Away, we have Andrew Card suggesting that Barack Obama should wear a suit and tie when he’s in the Oval Office. After all, George W. Bush did–and all that respect for the office helped him to be a really great President. 

The point is, when people are actually working–as opposed to working out their Oedipal crises in the Oval Office–they tend to want to roll up their sleeves and get comfortable.  George W. Bush could have come to work in a tuxedo and still been a lousy President; Barack Obama will do just fine in shirtsleeves, I predict.

In the meantime, Andy Card, you join Dick Cheney on the expired list: Please. Go. Away.

An Israeli Electoral Embarrassment?










Obama Also Reassures Muslim World: “Americans Are Not Your Enemy” In Interview With Al-Arabiya Arab TV Network…        

“We Want To Listen, Set Aside Some Preconceptions”… 

Watch The Interview… Read The Transcript

AMAZING PHOTO: Click To See The Best Photo Of Obama’s Inaugural Address






Obama’s Words Of Hope Cap Star-Studded Concert Featuring Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Usher At Lincoln Memorial… Praises Musicians: “Yours Are The Voices I Will Take With Me Every Day I Walk Into That Oval Office”


Washington awakens with inauguration buzz

updated 56 minutes ago

Washington awakens with inauguration buzz

Washington awoke Tuesday crowded and excited with the inauguration of a new president that’s only a few hours away. As many as 2 million people are expected to crowd into the area between the Capitol, the White House and the Lincoln Memorial as Barack Obama takes the oath of office at noon. full story

List Of Inauguration Events For Sunday… Full Schedule… 

Read HuffPost’s Inauguration BigNews Page


WATCH: Dr. King Discusses America’s First Black President In Unearthed BBC Clip

Read HuffPost’s Inauguration BigNews Page


Thousands attend pre-Inauguration concertPlay Video United States | 


Obama calls on America to show its resilience


AFP via Yahoo! News – 16 minutes ago

Standing in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, president-elect Barack Obama called Sunday for a new spirit of national sacrifice to overcome war and economic crisis.


Obama calls on America to show its resilienceAFP/Getty Images – Thousands of people begin arriving and staking places along the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall …                     

Obama’s Inaugural Speech To Call For New Era Of Responsibility… Harken Back To JFK’s Call For Personal Sacrifice… WATCH: Robert Gibbs, Rahm Emanuel Discuss Speech…

AP / Sayyid Azim

photo: AP / Sayyid Azim

The Obamas have moved to the Hay-Adams hotel in D.C.

Add a Comment by Ben Shlesinger, DC Tourism Examiner « Previous A picture of the lobby at the Hay-AdamsThe Obama’s have finally moved to Washington, D.C. They are at the Hay-Adams Hotel, not the

Jill Biden: My Husband Had A Choice Between Secretary Of State And The Vice Presidency

Singers and movie stars everywhere in D.C. for Obama inauguration events 

Chicago Sun-Times Read Full Article 

If you thought the Golden Globes was a party, just wait until you see Barack Obama’s inauguration. Next week, Washington will look a lot like a colder version of Hollywood. Here’s a roundup of who will be

 Optimism Sweeps Nation: New York Times/CBS News Poll Finds Americans Confident But Patient… Believe Obama Can Tackle Nation’s Multiple Crises But Prepared To Give Him Years… 79 Percent Optimistic About Next Four Years… 

List Of Inauguration Events For Sunday… Full Schedule… 

Read HuffPost’s Inauguration BigNews Page

Doctors detail burns to victims’ entire bodies from chemical that is forbidden to be used as a weapon

Interactive: Interactive guide to the conflict day by day
  • Gallery (32 pictures):Fighting and the aftermath

    Gaza Compound Filled With Hundreds Of Refugees… UN Chief In The Region… “Outraged”

    Foreign secretary argues west cannot kill its way out of the threats it faces
  • Egyptian-brokered ceasefire in Gaza might be close, despite signs of disagreement among Israel’s leaders
  • New York Gov. David Paterson speaks at a rally in support of ...
    Pro-Palestinians demonstrate against Israel's offensive ...

    PHOTOS: Jiro Mochizuki (Agence shot) Thank you Jim for sending them. I will post more as soon as I get to a machine that can handle me.





    UPDATED” »


    UPDATE: IDF kills senior Hamas operative Amir Mansi in northern Gaza





    Today, Nidra Poller covered the Jew hating death march in Paris and Jiro Mochizuki sent us the pictures. Punk jihad. Oh and Nidra just checked the Indigènes video. Yes, they said, Obama deserved the shoe. But of course, it’s America they hate. It’s always been America – the POTUS is merely the most visible icon of the US.



    U.S. Weaponry Facilitates Killings In Gaza

    UNITED NATIONS, Jan 8 (IPS) – The devastating Israeli firepower, unleashed largely on Palestinian civilians in Gaza during two weeks of fighting, is the product of advanced U.S. military technology.

    The U.S. weapons systems used by the Israelis — including F-16 fighter planes, Apache helicopters, tactical missiles and a wide array of munitions — have been provided by Washington mostly as outright military grants.

    The administration of President George W. Bush alone has provided over 21 billion dollars in U.S. security assistance over the last eight years, including 19 billion dollars in direct military aid as freebies.

    “Israel’s intervention in the Gaza Strip has been fueled largely by U.S. supplied weapons paid for with U.S. tax dollars,” says a background briefing released Thursday by the Arms and Security Initiative of the New York-based New America Foundation.

    “The Bush administration has been unwilling to use its considerable influence — as Israel’s major military and political backer — to dissuade the government in Tel Aviv from its pattern of claiming self-defence while perpetrating collective punishment, human rights violations and undertaking massively disproportionate attacks that harm and kill civilians,” Frida Berrigan, senior programme associate at the New America Foundation, told IPS.

    Besides military aid, the United States has contracted more than 22 billion dollars in arms sales to Israel in 2008 alone, including a proposed deal for 75 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, nine C-130J-30 military transport aircraft and four combat ships.

    “So, when Israeli forces engage in combat in Gaza or the West Bank, they are more often than not using U.S.-designed systems that were either made in the United States or produced under licence in Israel,” says the New America Foundation.

    The two-week military onslaught has resulted in the deaths of over 700 Palestinians, including more than 300 civilians, mostly victims of U.S. weaponry.

    In comparison, the Israeli death toll is about seven soldiers and four civilians, primarily due to “friendly fire”, or victims of rocket attacks by Hamas.

    Mouin Rabbani, contributing editor at the Washington-based Middle East Report, says the intimacy of the U.S.-Israeli military relationship, and the frequency with which Israel launches wars, means that the Israeli military also performs the function of testing newly-developed weapons systems in actual warfare, which is of value to both Israel and the United States.

    “Twice over, in fact, because less effective versions of these same weapons systems are subsequently sold at hugely inflated prices to Arab states, which effectively subsidises the U.S. weapons industry and U.S. military grants to Israel,” he told IPS.

    Tracing historical links, Rabbani said Israel replaced South Vietnam as the primary recipient of U.S. foreign military aid in the 1970s and has maintained that status ever since.

    With consistently fewer exceptions over the years, he pointed out, Israel has the run of the U.S. arsenal, particularly with regard to obtaining new and advanced weapons that are not sold (or, as in the present case, given) to non-NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) allies.

    He said that Israel is also permitted to participate in various U.S. weapons development programmes, meaning that in addition to weapons deliveries it benefits enormously from the transfer of military technologies.

    “Israel also has access to various U.S. intelligence programmes and data, and the list goes on for quite some length,” Rabbani added.

    Last week, U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Democrat of Ohio) wrote a letter to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pointing out that Israel’s use of U.S. weapons in Gaza may constitute a violation of the requirements of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) of 1976.

    The AECA outlines the conditions under which countries may use U.S. weapons systems, primarily for “internal security” or “legitimate self defence”.

    The letter says that Israeli forces have used U.S.-supplied F-16 fighter planes and Apache helicopters “to precede and to support ongoing ground actions such as the one in which 40 Palestinians were killed while taking shelter in a U.N. facility.”

    “Israel is not exempt from international law and must be held accountable,” he added.

    Berrigan said that with the onslaught about to enter its third week, hundreds of Gazans killed and wounded, 10 Israelis killed and more wounded, Hamas continuing to launch rocket attacks and a grave danger that the conflict will widen to include Lebanon, President-elect Barack Obama “will step into a bed of molten hot quicksand on Jan. 20.”

    “It will be difficult for the new administration to turn the tide of U.S.-Israeli relations and challenge Israeli exceptionalism, but it is urgently necessary,” she added.

    Rabbani pointed out that given the level of U.S. military assistance to Israel, the deployment of these weapons in the current onslaught against the Gaza Strip, and U.S. political support for Israel during this crisis, Palestinians could be forgiven for insisting the U.S. shares direct responsibility.

    “While I would by no means dismiss the issue of U.S. military transfers to Israel in their various forms and dimensions, the key issue is nevertheless the impunity with which these are used,” he added.

    It is this impunity, rather than the weapons transfers in and of themselves, that accounts for Israel’s ability to sow widespread death and destruction throughout the Gaza Strip at will.

    Asked if there would a change in policy under an Obama administration, Rabbani said: “I don’t see any indication that things are set to change once Obama takes office”.

    He has attempted to wrap his silence in a cloak of decorum and statesmanship, “claiming he was left with no choice because he is not yet president, then — in view of his constant pronouncements since Nov. 4 regarding the financial meltdown — rather too cleverly in my view elaborated that this only applies to foreign policy.”

    “So we are supposed to believe that if instead 600 Israelis had been killed by Palestinian suicide bombers in the space of 10 days, or Russia had decided to suddenly advance on Tbilisi, you could still hear a pin drop in Washington? Unlikely.”

    The Israel Air Force used a new bunker-buster missile that it received recently from theUnited States in strikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, The Jerusalem Post learned on Sunday.

    The missile, called GBU-39, was developed in recent years by the US as a small-diameter bomb for low-cost, high-precision and low collateraldamage strikes.

    Israel received approval from Congress to purchase 1,000 units in September and defense officials said on Sunday that the first shipment had arrived earlier this month and was used successfully in penetrating underground Kassam launchers in the Gaza Strip during the heavy aerial bombardment of Hamas infrastructure on Saturday. It was also used in Sunday’s bombing of tunnels in Rafah.

    The GPS-guided GBU-39 is said to be one of the most accurate bombs in the world. The 113-kg. bomb has the same penetration capabilities as a normal 900-kg. bomb, although it has only 22.7 kg. of explosives. At just 1.75 meters long, its small size increases the number of bombs an aircraft can carry and the number of targets it can attack in a sortie.

    •  Thursday 8 January 2009
    • Article history
    Mourning relative in Gaza                                   

    Mourning relative in Gaza. Photograph: Mohammed Saber/EPA

    Ambulances were able to drive to some of the most heavily shelled areas in Gaza for the first time to collect the dead and injured yesterday, as Israel paused its military offensive for three hours to allow in aid, amid growing international pressure to call a ceasefire and ease the humanitarian crisis.

    The death toll continued to mount. Last night, an Israeli air strike on a car killed a man and his three children in northern Gaza, Palestinian medical officials said.

    At least 28 Palestinians were killed yesterday in attacks across the Gaza Strip, according to Palestinian medical officials. The overall Palestinian death toll was at more than 660, with nearly 3,000 injured. Journalists are still banned from entering Gaza to report on the killings. On the Israeli side, seven soldiers and three civilians have been killed in the past 12 days.

    In a separate incident, the aid agency Care International said one of its staff on a food distribution project was killed on Tuesday night when his home was hit by an Israeli air strike. Muhammad Samouni died in the attack and his son was critically injured, the agency said.

    Red Cross Condemns Israel For ‘Unacceptable’ Delays

    Israel Hits Two UN Schools… Death Toll Rises 650


    MORE WORLDAl-Qaeda Sees Opportunity In Gaza Conflict… Friendly Fire Kills Israeli Soldiers

    Israel kills dozens at Gaza school                                     

    Shells hit UN school sheltering hundreds of civilians in Jabaliya refugee camp.

    The mainstream US media has been careful to balance images of Gazan suffering with those of Israelis, leading to accusations it is not reflecting the unequal death toll [EP

    JANUARY 8, 2009…9:15 PM

    Does Israel have any right to exist anymore?

    Jump to Comments                                 

    Not according to Orthodox Jews! (see below)       








    Once again, the U.N. passed a resolution urging an “immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire,” and for Israel to withdraw from Gaza after a 14-day air-and-ground offensive. The United States abstained.  Noooo… really? 


    Anyway, don’t hold your breath!

    Moments before the resolution was passed, Israeli warplanes dropped bombs on areas on the outskirts of Gaza, the main city in the north of the coastal strip. There was no immediate reaction from the Israeli (thugs) officials after the

    Security Council vote, but Israel had opposed the idea of a binding resolution. As a matter of fact, to date, Israel had violated over 59 UN resolutions!

    When Hitler and the Nazis terrorized Europe, we sent the troops to liberate Europe from the Nazi thugs! And now we have something worse:  Zionism.  Did we not swear to  “NEVER AGAIN” allow a Holocaust to happen?

    What a bunch of hypocrites we are! 


    Conflict in Gaza                                 

    Orthodox Jews from the Naturei Karta group chant slogans as they march through the streets of Jerusalem’s Mea Sharim Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, calling for an end to Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip, Wednesday Jan. 7, 2009. Dozens of members of Neturei Karta, a group that opposes Zionism and the Israeli state, and supports close ties with Arabs, particularly Palestinians, demonstrated against the operations. READ THE SECOND SIGN: ISRAEL HAS NO RIGHT TO RULE OVER ANY PART OF PALESTINE!

    These new Nazis are worse than the old ones. They have created a bigger Auschwitz in Palestine.

    I just watched on ABC World News Tonight how 2 or 3 children who seemed missing, were found at some home after 4 days of searching. They were found next to their mother.. clinging to her… apparently for 4 days! The mother was dead.  Killed by the barbaric Nazi regime of IsraHell.

    Israel's Attack in Gaza                                 

    Israeli soldiers point their rifles at Palestinian demonstrators, during a protest against Israel’s military operation in Gaza, in the West Bank village of Bilin, near Ramallah, Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009

    I ask again: do these thugs deserve ANY peace? I vote for sending in the allies (wishful thinking) to eradicate Zionism and the Israeli army! Throw all of those Israeli Zionist troops in the sea! The earth is too good of a place for them to even be buried.

    Israel Launches Ground Assault

    Angry? You better fu*&$ believe it! This little %#$& nation is a crime against humanity! What the world needs to do now is bomb these Zionists to oblivion, abolish any and all arms, from both sides, allow all Palestinian refugees to return to their country and then elect a real democratic government that has no army, power or anything else other than police power.

    That will produce peace.

    And cleanse Palestine and the world… from NaZionism!

    Israel's Attack in Gaza                                 

    A Palestinian woman reacts moments after her relatives were killed in an Israeli missile strike outside their home in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip,Thursday, Jan. 8, 2009

    Conflict in Gaza                                 

    Erasing Gaza off the MAP. A Palestinian woman carries her belongings as she walks through the rubble in a street destroyed in recent Israeli airstrikes in a Rafah refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009

    Conflict in Gaza                                 

    STREETS FLOWING with BLOOD! A Palestinian firefighter uses a hose to clean blood on a street in Gaza January 7, 2009

    Conflict in Gaza                                 

    Palestinians mourn over the bodies of 42 people who were killed yesterday in an Israeli attack on a U.N.-run school building, on Janaury 7, 2009 in Jabalia refugee camp, northern Gaza. The United Nations has denied Israeli army allegations that militants were inside the school compound.


    Palestinians medics, not seen, treat an injured boy, following an Israeli air strike, in the Shifa hospital in Gaza City, early Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008


    FUTURE HAMAS/ RESISTANCE FIGHTER – This is why Israel is targeting children!

    Israel's Attack on Gaza                                 

    MAY YOU SUFFER A PAINFUL DEATH! Israeli soldiers and medics rush a wounded soldier into the emrgency area after he was injured when a rocket fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza hit a base just outside the Gaza Strip



    A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE! An Israeli reacts to damage to his house after a rocket fired from Gaza hit in Sderot, southern Israel, Sunday, Jan. 4, 2009

    UN: 30 killed, 55 injured in Gaza school attack –International 

    Jan 6, 2009  He said most of the casualties in Tuesday’s attack at the U.N. school in the northern Gaza town of Jebaliya, where some 350 people had taken ..

    World Leaders Converge In Region To Press For Peace…

    Israel - stop the Bombing of Gaza by Takver.
    Home made placard from Melbourne protest December 30, 2008 about Israel’s attack on Gaza. The photo was taken on the lawn of the State Library.
    Holocaust in Gaza by the NEW-NAZISTS of israel !!!! … over 300 killed in two days!!! 

    Can’t You See the Similarities?








    Hitler  Yesterday Israel   Today























    Israel Consolidates Hold On Gaza… Seizes Buildings On Outskirts Of Gaza’s Biggest City



    Israel intensifies assault on Gaza                                            

    More than 500 Palestinian and four Israeli civilians killed and 2,450 injured so far.
    Live Twitter updates on Gaza
    Gaza war diary: No guarantees
    Video: Israel continues Gaza attack
    Video: Gaza family mourns deaths
    How will the Israeli war on Gaza affect the region?

    A Palestinian girl cries at the site of an Israeli air strike in Rafah

    A BBC reporter in Gaza says people are desperately seeking refuge, but he says there are no safe places.


    PM says Amman will not “remain silent” after protesters demand government action.
    Photo 4 of 9  
      More than 500 Kenyan Muslims burn a mock Israeli flag in Nairobi [AFP]


    Richardson Withdraws As Commerce Secretary Nominee        

    Amid Grand Jury Investigation

    Obama Statement … Richardson Statement


    Israeli troops push deep into Gaza
    Israeli troops gained control of the eastern section of northern Gaza Sunday, less than 24 hours after launching a ground incursion, according to Palestinian security sources. At least 475 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza Sunday, Palestinian medical sources said. full story

    MJ Rosenberg

    MJ Rosenberg

    Where Is Israel Going?

    These are terrible days for those of us who long to see Israel finally accepted by its neighbors. At a time when all 22 Arab states have offered Israel peace and normalization in exchange for the ’67 territories, this war could destroy that possibility once and for all….read full story Gaza rocket commander killed, Israel says









    Bombs Flatten Gaza Mosque And Homes 

    A Palestinian girl cries at the site of an Israeli air strike in Rafah

    A BBC reporter in Gaza says people are desperately seeking refuge, but he says there are no safe places.



    Biden is correct, some foreign leader is  going to try the steel of Obama, but which foreign leader will it be? Will it  be Russia, Iran, China, or North Korea? None of the  above. It will be Israel. The forces of evil have already raised its ugly head. What Obama wanted to do with world diplomacy, re-establishing the credibility of the US especially in the Muslim world, Israel is making that extremely difficult.  President Bush has already blamed the victims (Gaza) and justified the perpetrators (Israel) for the violence in Gaza. That is the same as a woman being brutally rape and the judge arrest the woman and blames her for allowing the rapist to rape her. The people of Gaza are being killed with American made and American donated F-16 fighter jets, GPS-guided GBU-39 smart bombs, and Tanks.    Why is it that every time Israel raid Gaza,  Ramallah, Hebron, or Lebanon , the US suffer?  It was the unbalance America foreign policy   in the Middle East that caused 911 and led the US into the Iraq war. According to Bush advisor Philip Zelikow  “the IRAQ war was launched to protect Israel.” This unbalance policy has also caused the US to lose its credibility and positive standing in the World as well as thousands of lives.  Is America  going to allow Israeli politicians and American Zionist Lobbyists to continue to put the American people in harms way? Yes, Muslims worldwide will continue to say “no justice no peace”  Christians worldwide should also cry out and condemn the actions of Israel.  When will the US foreign policy in the Middle East be fair and balance? When are the American politicians going to say enough is enough?  Will Obama be fair and balance? Or will Obama be controlled by AIPAC and the Jewish lobby?







    Israeli airstrikes continue on Gaza

    Palestinians Attend Funeral Of Five Young Baalusha Sisters29 December: Samera Baalusha carries her surving child, Mohamad, while crying over the body of her daughter, Jawaher Baalusha, four, during her funeral. Jawaher and four of her sisters were killed during an Israeli air raid    Photograph: Abid Katib/Getty Images

    Israeli airstrikes continue on Gaza

    Israeli missiles hit Gaza City’s main police station Sunday morning, as airstrikes against Hamas targets continued, according to a Gaza-based journalist. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel is responding to escalating rocket attacks from Gaza. Hamas has vowed to retaliate. full story
    Hamas vows retaliation after Israeli strikes kill 225Go to fullsize image
    Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image

    Palestinians inspect the site of an Israeli air strike in the southern town of Rafah

    Missiles Hit Civilians Homes


    Hamas vows retaliation after Israeli strikes kill 225















































    Barack Obama Says Final Farewell to his Grandmother



    The Mystery Babylon – What is His Mark?

    lks about 2 beasts. This video will identify the 1st beast, the Beast that comes out of the water. 

      YouTube – GEORGE BUSH SHOE ATTACK! – Video Rod Blagojevich Scandal Reenactment – “The Rachel Maddow Show”

    Bristol Palin’s Future Mother-In-Law Arrested On Drug Charges

    Sherry L. Johnston was charged with six felony counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance.  Johnston is the mother of Levi Johnston, the Wasilla 18-year-old who father of Bristol Palin’s unborn baby.  Levi received international attention in September when Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, announced their teenage daughter was pregnant and he was the father. Bristol Palin, 18, is due on Saturday, according to a recent interview with the governor’s father, Chuck Heath.

    Enquirer: Edwards’ Mistress Broke, Living In New Jersey

    The new issue of the National Enquirer has an update on Rielle Hunter, the women with whom John Edwards admitted having an affair, who also claims to the mother of his love child. The Enquirer broke the story, and now they report Hunter is broke and living with a friend in New Jersey after her sponsor died of cancer:                                            

    After her $15,000 monthly payments stopped with the death of money man Fred Baron, John Edward’s mistress blonde divorcee Rielle Hunter abandoned the lavish $3 million home that was being rented for her in ritzy Santa Barbara, California, sources tell The ENQUIRER. Now she and her 10-month-old daughter Frances, who she privately says is Edwards’ love child, are living with her longtime friend Mimi Hockman in South Orange, about 20 miles west of New York City, according to insiders.

    MEDIASurprise! Time’s “Person of the Year”

    NEW YORK — President-elect Barack Obama has won another contest: He’s been named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2008.

    Jackson Jr. Went To Feds About Blagojevich In 2006…

    Spokesperson: Jackson Jr. Rejects “Informant” Label

    CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who was cited in a criminal complaint against Rod Blagojevich, went to the U.S. Attorney’s office about alleged wrongdoers, including the Illinois governor, a Jackson spokesman said Tuesday. Spokesman Kenneth Edmonds described Jackson’s interaction with federal authorities this way: “As a responsible citizen and elected official, Congressman Jackson has in the past provided information to federal authorities regarding his personal knowledge of perceived corruption and governmental misconduct.

    Black Friday Stampede Kills Worker At Wal-Mart… Woman Miscarries

    Read HuffPost’s Black Friday BigNews Page


    Suspect Arrested In TV Anchor’s Slaying


    MUMBAI TERROR ATTACKS UPDATE: Death Toll Rises To 150… Commandos Storm Mumbai Jewish Center… Five Hostages Killed At Jewish Center… Two Americans Killed Since Wednesday Night… American Family Recounts Being Trapped For 40 Hours… Indian Forces Resume Fighting At The Taj Hotel… Dozens Evacuated From Oberoi Hotel… India Points The Finger At Pakistan… Group Claims Responsibility…  Indian Bloggers Discuss And Debate The Attacks… 


    Coordinated Terrorist Attacks Kill At Least 100… Americans, Britons Targeted… Gunmen Take Hostages… Authorities: Westerners Among The Hostages… Luxury Hotels, Train Station, Popular Restaurant, Hospital Attacked… Report: Group Claims Responsibility… White House’s Statement… Obama’s Statement Twitter Reports On Mumbai… Map Of Attack Sites… Live Indian TV Coverage… CNN Video… Flickr Slideshow



    WATCH The Obamas Arrive At The White House… Bush Calls Meeting “Good, Constructive, Relaxed And Friendly”… The Two Discussed The Global Financial Crisis, Iraq and Afghanistan, Other Daunting Challenges… Obama On First Meeting Bush In 2004: Bush Offered Me Hand Sanitizer…

     getting the likes of Lady DumbDumb De Rothchild to publicly support McCain Um, doesLady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild think she’s doing McCain a favor

      Clinton dead-ender Lynn Forrester de Rothschild today takes to the Wall Street Journalto attack Barack Obama as an elitist. Forrester trots out the usual GOP/old Clintonite talking points — “his current campaign is based mainly on an assumption of his transcendence,” Greek columns, fake presidential seal, with no acknowledgement that Obama is giving meaty speeches filled with programmatic solutions keyed to middle-class and working-class voters. “Elitism,” Forrester assures us, “is a state of mind, a view of the world that cannot be measured simply by one’s net worth, position or number of houses.” That definition conveniently excludes Forrester, a millionaire businesswoman who became a billionaire socialite when she married into the Rothschild banking fortune. (Lloyd Grove has calledher the “flashiest hostess in London,” a position which I’m sure she attained due to her close touch with working-class mores.)

    Forrester further explains that John McCain’s POW history proves that he’s not an elitist: 
    The Rothschilds had played a major role in the Bavarian Illuminati, (25) and it  Lionel deRothschild (the de was added by the French Rothschilds) was involved 
    The Rothschild’s are one of the top Illuminati bloodlines on the planet and they  TheRothschild’s, like the Illuminati in general, treat the mass of the Jewish The ILLUMINATI and the CFR

    illuminati families secret society freemasonry conspiracy theory biblical prophecy 


    …You Know It’s A Really Bad Week When Your Running Mate Calls It Her Administration…See The Video

    John McCain First Wife Speaks – Lady Lynn Rothschild Support McCain – Rothschild Dynasty- Ben Smith’s Blog: Clinton Lady Rothschild (Illuminati) Support McCain –

    The Rothschilds had played a major role in the Bavarian Illuminati, (25) and it  Lionel deRothschild (the de was added by the French Rothschilds) was involved
    What is Palin’s faith and how exactly has it influenced her policies? Posted at Thursday, September 04, 2008 – 11:36 PM, by: Jim Scott                                                                                                                                               

    important.                                                                                                    What you see in a terrorist — that’s call

    John McCain with his wife First Carol, sons,
    Doug, Andy, and daughter Sidney. John McCain Divorced his first wife Carol to marry Cindy who was a super rich beauty queen. Seem like all the leading women in John McCain’s life are beauty queens. Sorry Ugly Betty
    McCain and ex-wife  

    In 1979 – while still married to Carol – he met Cindy at a cocktail party in Hawaii. Over the next six months he pursued her, flying around the country to be with her. He divorced Carol and married Cindy one month later. John McCain applied for his marriage license to Cindy before he divorce Carol. The McCain children were devastated.

    John and Carol McCain Family Pics – Pictures tells all: McCharacter

    John McCain was unfaithful to his first wife and is not a member Of any Church..Why are Evangelicals embracing him? His current wife Cindy was his Mistress..Cindy’s mother was Jim Hensley mistress.. Jim left his wife to marry Cindy’s mother. Cindy and her mother were home wreckers.

    John McCain was unfaithful to his first wife and is not a member of a church If he will dump on a woman he loved and married simply because she becomes .

    Ross Perot Does Not Like John McCain. McCain Threw Wife Away for Beauty Queen| An Unfaithful Dog – The Ruth Group

    Ross Perot, who paid her medical bills all those years ago, … believes that both Carol McCain and the American people have been taken in by a man who is unusually slick and cruel – even by the standards of modern politics. ‘McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory,’ he said. After he came home, Carol walked with a limp. So he threw her over for a poster girl with big money from Arizona. And the rest is history.’ Smal

    John Edwards mentions John McCain’s adulterous affair John McCain having cheated on his first wife, and the fact that Edwards invoked McCain’s affairs.                                             

    John Edwards cheated and lied about itRielle Hunter 44

    John Edwards, 55, has finally fessed up to an affair with a 44 year old former campaign aide Rielle Hunter. He sat down for an interview that aired on Friday night with Bob Woodruff on ABC’s Nightline. Savvy move on his part as the rest of the world was focused on the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics on NBC. But no matter – word will get out.

    Boyd Graves displays the 1971 HIV Flow Chart after urging UN AIDS officials to Boyd Graves(BG): The 1971 Flow Chart is the blueprint for the development of AIDS.


    “In the 1950s, the Rockefellers reorganized the U.S. eugenics movement in their own family offices, with spinoff world population control and abortion groups. The Eugenics Society changed its name to the Society for the Study of Social Biology, its current name. “The Rockefeller Foundation had long financed the eugenics movement in England, apparently repaying Britain for the fact that British capital and an Englishman-partner had started old John D. Rockefeller out in his Oil Trust. “In the 1960s, the Eugenics Society of England adopted what they called Crypto-eugenics, stating in their official reports that they would do eugenics through means and instruments not labeled as eugenics. “With support from the Rockefellers, the Eugenics Society (England) set up a sub-committee called the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which for 12 years had no other address than the Eugenics Society. This, then, is the private, international apparatus which has set the world up for a global holocaust, under the UN flag.” – Rockefeller and Mass Murder


    Investigate the AIDS, world population control connection… “July 1, 1970—Senate Appropriations hearings are held for the Department of Defense and refer to eminent biologists who believe that within 5 to 10 years it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent (infective micro-organism), an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired. “Hearings in the British House of Commons from April 8 to May 13, 1987 regarding AIDS will include the following: “Every biological scientist who has dispassionately studied the virus and the epidemic knows that the origins of the virus could lie in the developments of modern biology….Some who know perfectly well what has happened are deliberately fudging scientific data to keep the heat off them and fellow members of their molecular biological ‘club’.” – Dialectics, Rockefellers, and Population Control “In fact, it (the HIV virus) is created by a scientist for biological warfare at an Army research facility in MD. Why has there been so much secrecy about AIDS? When you ask where did the virus come from, it raises a lot of flags. That makes me suspicious.” – Wangari Maatha of Kenya, first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize

    Obama’s Acceptance Speech – Video – Grand Finale Fireworks – Latest Juanita Bynum-Weeks News – Gay COGIC Pastor Murdered

    Media Matters – MMFA investigates: Who is Jerome Corsi, co-author

    6 Aug 2004 MMFA investigates: Who is Jerome Corsi, co-author of Swift Boat Vets attack book? While much has been written about the identity and history

    Illuminati Agent and Right wing Hit man Corsi’s Obama Nation echo falsehood and baseless charge in book

    Summary: Simon & Schuster’s promotional materials for Jerome Corsi’s book, The Obama Nation, echo Corsi’s false claims and baseless charges about Sen. Barack Obama’s Global Poverty Act and his views on nuclear weapons. the book’s publisher is dyed-in-the-wool Republican operative and Dick Cheney Girl Friday Mary Matalin,read a full set of Corsi’s posts; click here to read the post in which “jrlc” admits to being Jerome Corsi.) protégé of Nixon-era dirty trickster Charles Colson”) — little has been said about his co-author, Jerome R. Corsi, PhD.


    “This Is The Moment When We Must Defeat Terror And Dry Up The Well Of Extremism… A New Generation – Our Generation – Must Make Our Mark On The World”… Police Estimate More Than 200,000 At Speech… McCain Reacts: “I’d Love To Give A Speech In Germany… But I’d Much Prefer To Do It As President”\

    Paris Hilton Responds To John McCain’s Celebrity Ad (VIDEO)Now it’s Paris Hilton’s chance to tell off John McCain for putting her in an Obama attack…

    McCain Ad Mocks Obama's Fame                                                                                                                                            

    Photo of Anthony Hopkins, an Alabama preacher who was arrested after a body, believed to be of his wife, was found in his home's freezer. (WPMI/WJTC)

    Full Coverage: Cops: COGIC Preacher hid wife’s body in freezer

    COGIC Preacher Anthony Hopkins killed wife, stuffed body in freezer, police say |The body of the victim, a mother of eight, was found in a freezer where it had been kept for at least three years. Authorities believe she was killed in 2004.

    Obama Camp Braces For Race-Based Attacks by Jesuits NWO agents Freddoso and Mueller – Decision 2008 News

    Conservative journalist David Freddoso of The National Review Online has written the book, It is headed by former Republican operative Greg Mueller

    Notes-For-News-of-HIS-Land, June 8-14, 2008-Chuck Smith

    Jun 14, 2008 Calvary Chapel on the Georgetown Divide “Israel 2008: The New …. AM/ 9:00 AM Pacific – Chuck Smith / Hal Lindsey Report / Somebody Loves

    Is Modern Israel in Bible Prophecy? Middle East News

    Thousands expect Israel to play a major role in God’s future plan for earth. What is the Biblical evidence? Many people today consider the restoration of the Jewish nation in Palestine to be a direct and dramatic fulfillment of Bible prophecy. What does the Bible say?

    The Third Jerusalem Temple, The Red Heifer and The Rock of Ages



    Yesterday I wrote about “Pastor” John Hage e and his unbelievably offensive sermon claiming that Hitler was sent by God to force the Jews to Palestine. Apparently that video making the mainstream media was enough to make McCain “renounce” his endorsement from Hagee; not to be outdone, Hagee then withdrew his endorsement from McCain. ABC News ran video (watch at this link) of crazy…

    As reported by BET News, Juanita Bynum, a televangelist who is in the middle of divorcing her husband Thomas Weeks III, admitted that she wanted to kill herself when she saw her marriage falling apart. “Suicide crossed my mind ….

    Juanita Bynum Divorce Court Part Two                                                                                                                                                


    provide advice to a troubled couple when you are one half of a troubled couple yourself?
    This is simply too irresponsible.…Juanita Bynum Divorce Court The entertainment continues as Ms. Bynum profits from what should be a tragedy in any family — divorce. Since when does going through a divorce become a springboard for “success?” This is so sad. I wonder if Paula and Randy are going to ask for cameos now?Is it appropriate to provide advice to a troubled couple when you are one half of a troubled couple yourself? This is simply too irresponsible. (more)                                                                                                                                                

    Bush a Closet Catholic In the White HouseRick Santorum, former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania and a devout Catholic, who was the first to give Bush the “Catholic president” label. “He’s certainly much more Catholic than (Ted)Kennedy.”

    Bush has also placed Catholics in prominent roles in the federal government and relied on Catholic tradition to make a public case for everything from his faith-based initiative to antiabortion legislation. He has wedded Catholic intellectualism with evangelical political savvy to forge a powerful electoral coalition.


    Revelation 13 talks about 2 beasts. This video will identify the 1st beast, the Beast that comes out of the water. 

    Dr. Jeremiah Wright Video on PBS Watch & Listen | PBS

    Choose Video, Jeremiah Wright, photo by Robin Holland, Trinity Church stained glass Bill Moyers interviews the Reverend Jeremiah Wright in his first

    Jeremiah Wright Jr. said media organizations that circulated controversial sound bites of his sermons wanted to paint him as “un-American”
    The whole Rev. Wright “controversy” is an example of the worst type of journalism, if it can be called that. Most of what he said is true, yet he is demonized as an anti-american bigot. The real purpose of this journalistic pornography is to give unrepentant bigots an excuse to feel patriotic while excersising their unfounded aversion to “brown people”- posted by Fred L.
    Pastor Wright troubles the nation again Dr. Wright printing Anti-Zionist articles by Mousa Abu Marzook, which asked: “Why should any Palestinian recognise the monstrous crimes carried out by Israel’s founders and continued by its deformed modern apartheid state?”

    . However, Jimmy Carter, the former US President, sat down for talks with the political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal in Damascus. Carter, who He’s been villified at home for meeting the leader of a group, the US calls a terrorist organisation.However, Jimmy Carter, the former US President, sat down for talks with the political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal in Damascus.Carter, who won a Nobel Prize for negotiating peace between Israel and Egypt, holds no official power, but he is an influential voice.Al Jazeera’s Clayton Swisher reports from Damascus. (more)
    If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!                                                                                                                                                

    9/11 Conspiracy – Is there Evidence to Support Pastor Wright claim that Israel Airport Security Firm gave the terrorist a free pass? Did Israel Play a part in 9/11? What is the Truth

    in the 9-11 terror case in which an Israeli security company is a key defendant and in which individuals from Israeli military intelligence are suspected of being involved, was Hellerstein chosen to preside over all 9-11 victim lawsuits – and who chose him? Huntleigh USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of an Israeli company.

    Israel Connection to 9/11 | Wake Up America …Don’t be Duped

    This Israeli-run company is the owner of Huntleigh USA, the airport security firm that ran passenger screening operations at the airports of Boston and .. Obama vs Wright and HIV/AIDES and the media. The Observer, UK There are also apparently a number of HIV/Aids experts who claim to have evidence to support Wright’s view. It’s understandable that people would question

    HIV/AIDS The Untold Story. The Genecide Theory

    An early version of the AIDS-as-biowarfare theory was based on the work of two East German scientists, Jakob and Lilli Segal, published by the Soviet news agency Tass on March 30, 1987. The Segals claimed that HIV could not have evolved naturally, being in fact an artificial splice between visna virus (a retrovirus that infects the nervous system of sheep) and HTLV-1 (the first retrovirus known to infect humans). This splice, they asserted, was created at the notorious CBW lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and then tested on prisoners in the area.

    The False Teaching of Christian Zionism When God-fearing Judeo-Christians from thousands of churches nationwide realize they’ve been conned by political Israel’s agents, they will leave CUFI, Christian Zionism, and the hundred-year-old movement we call “Scofieldism”, to return to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Hagee…said that Katrina was a righteous heavenly punishment against New Orleans sent by God himself…False Teachers JohnHagee Heresy Lies about Jesus and promote the Illuminati and NWO agenda along with John Mccain and Hillary Clinton. Is John Hagee A False Teacher and Agent of Zionist Israel? –

    The Impact of Christian Zionism on American Policy and World Policy

    Christian Zionists do not accept the statements of Christ and other early Christian leaders that criticize Old Testament practices. ( an Anti-Christ Doctrine) Instead, they project Old Testament practices and prophesies into today’s world. Consequently, they revere the Jews as God’s chosen people with a divine right to all lands promised the Jews in the Old Testament. If British politicians had not taken up the cause of restoring the Jews to Palestine. Lord Shaftsbury promoted the cause in the nineteenth century, followed by Lord Palmerston, David Lloyd George, and finally Lord Balfour, who provided an official basis for Jewish immigration to their ancestral homeland with the famous Balfour Declaration of 1917. A brand of idealism mixed easily with practical politics in the activities of these statesmen. The Hidden Hand Behind “the Kingdom on Earth Deception” Billy Graham, Robert Shuller, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe, Jerry Falwell, Paul; Jan Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting , Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley, Fred Price, Kim Clement, John Hagee, and Kenneth Hagin among others.


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    Can it be true? America in Bible prophecy-absolutely! but even more surprises await you as the bible reveals how the leading nation of the world came Can it be true? America in Bible prophecy-absolutely! but even more surprises await you as the bible reveals how the leading nation of the world came to exist and why!let’s see what biblical principles apply (more)


    Pope, in US, Is ‘Ashamed’ of Pedophile Priests New York Times, United States – Pope Benedict XVI chose to address bluntly the sex scandal that has torn at the church here even before he arrived.“It’s difficult for me to understand how it was possible that priests betrayed in this way their mission to give healing, to give the love of God to these children,” the pope said, adding that the church would work to exclude pedophiles from the priesthood.
    Revelation 13:3 The Pope Kissing The Qu’ran

    Catholic World News and Vatican News; Eternal Word Television Network

    Apr. 16, 2008 ( – Over 10000 people were on hand as President George W. Bush formally welcomed Pope Benedict XVI

    666 – The Beast of Revelation Identified

    Mystical Rapture – It’s Catholic (Jesuits); Secret Society Connection –

    This expose’ is a continuation of the Origin of the Rapture.. the rapture theory was an invention of the Catholic Church as an Anti-Reformation and Anti-Protestant doctrine.


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    Jesuits to Elect a New ‘Black Pope‘ – TIME

    Jan 4, 2008 When one man has received the necessary majority, rather than white smoke, we’ll know there is a new “black pope” by the sound of applause

    New Black Pope Pledges Obedience to White Pope Benedict XVI Aftermath News

    The Black Pope – The Most Powerful Man In The World…NWO

    the Khazarian Zionists (who invented the word “Jew” to disguise their adopted heritage, as distinguished from the biblical Judeans), or the role played by the Banksters (banking gangsters) controlling the economies of the world, by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Committee of 300 (the 17 wealthiest so-called “elite” families)—the Rothschild’s in England and Bronfman’s in Canada, and on and on, comprising the physical power structure of the New World Order puppets under the direction of darkly motivated, other-dimensional “master deceivers” commonly known as Lucifer or Satan and their “fallen angel” cohorts...The “Jesuit-Vatican connection” to the unfolding New World Order agenda.

    What is Pope Benedict XVI, and The Ten Commandment Commission agenda? Are they going to bring back God’s True Sabbath? Or are they going to enforce Sunday

    The Lords Day – Sabbath (Saturday) or Sunday? TD Jakes Sabbath Sermon…Pope Benedict XVI

    Pope Benedict XVI implies that Sunday, the first day of the week, evangelists, preachers, and teachers will tell you concerning Sunday sacredness.

    Benedict and Public Perception – Pope Watch –

    I was stunned when Benedict XVI was elected. Yet now I cannot conceive of a ….. and Sunday sacredness,


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    Revelation talks about 2 beasts. WorldsLastChance productions reveals the mystery of the two beasts on two separate videos. This is the first video revealing the identity of the Revelation talks about 2 beasts. WorldsLastChance productions reveals the mystery of the two beasts on two separate videos. This is the first video revealing the identity of the First Beast! (more) NEW ORLEANS, LA (CHARISMA) — The music minister at a large New Orleans church has been charged with intentionally exposing a teen-age boy to the AIDS virus. Phillip Britton–music minister at Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church, led by Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship founder Bishop Paul Morton–denied the charge brought last week, “The Times-Picayune” said. Britton, 38, was charged earlier with having sex with an underage male. A police report said that Britton met the boy from another church through choir activities, and the two had sex more than 100 times in a year, the newspaper said.

    Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, April 4, 1968….

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    Pastor Wright troubles the nation again Dr. Wright printing Anti-Zionist articles by Mousa Abu Marzook, which asked: “Why should any Palestinian recognise the monstrous crimes carried out by Israel’s founders and continued by its deformed modern apartheid state?”
    Paula White Will Answer Senator’s Questions Tampa Tribune, FL – The founders of Without Walls International Church and Paula White Ministries apparently have decided to cooperate with a US

    Responding to Wright controvery, UCC President Thomas asks, ‘What kind of prophet?’

    The Rev. John H. Thomas General Minister and President United Church of Christ

    Mar 17, 2008 Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ for thirty-six years and, for over half of those years, pastor of Over the weekend members of our church and others have been subjected to the relentless airing of two or three brief video clips of sermons by the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ for thirty-six years and, for over half of those years, pastor of Senator Barack Obama and his family. These video clips, and news stories about them, have been served up with frenzied and heated commentary by media personalities expressing shock that such language and sentiments could be uttered from the pulpit. Those who sifted through hours of sermons searching for a few lurid phrases and those who have aired them repeatedly have only one intention. It is to wound a presidential candidate..                                                                                                                                                

    But what was his real crime? He is condemned for using a mild “obscenity” in reference to the United States. This week we mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq, a war conceived in deception and prosecuted in foolish arrogance. Nearly four thousand cherished Americans have been killed, countless more wounded, and tens of thousands of Iraqis slaughtered. Where is the real obscenity here? True patriotism requires a degree of self-criticism, even self-judgment that may not always be easy or genteel. Pastor Wright’s judgment may be starker and more sweeping than many of us are prepared to accept. But is the soul of our nation served any better by the polite prayers and gentle admonitions that have gone without a real hearing for these five years while the dying and destruction continues?

    We might like to think that racism is a thing of the past, that Martin Luther King’s harmonious multi-racial vision, articulated in his speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 and then struck down by an assassin’s bullet in Memphis in 1968, has somehow been resurrected and now reigns throughout the land.

    The Sheila Files: Bishop Thomas Weeks Pleads Guilty to Attacking … Well well well..after all that big talk that he didn’t do anything, Bishop Thomas Weeks has come clean. He has fully confessed to attacking his wife and has issued a public apology. “I want to apologize to my wife for all actions you…
    Sentenced leader returns to pulpit Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA – Mar 24, 2008 Bishop Thomas Weeks III, of Pentecostal Global Destiny Ministries, preached on Easter. About 100 other worshippers seemed similarly enthralled by Weeks
    USA 2008: OBAMA OK IN POLLS, HILLARY LOWEST SINCE 2001 (AGI) – Washington, 27th March – Barack Obama is steady at 49 pct popularity with the US electorate while Hillary Clinton has plummeted to 37 pct,
    exclusive with .

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    Title says it all. . .…Iraq war protest soldier dead freedom terrorist 9/11 UN where is the love bush Baghdad election 2008

    Five Years In Iraq-The War that Should not had been Waged Washington Post, United States – The planning ministry in Baghdad explodes after being hit during the second day of US raids on the Iraqi capital March 20, 2003. . ANTI-WAR PROTEST – THE MARCH OF THE DEAD

    Americans call Iraq mistake, divided over withdrawal Baltimore Sun, United States – by Mark Silva Five years into the war in Iraq, a majority of Americans surveyed say the United States made a mistake in using military force there.

    Pentagon Report Documents Iraq – al Qaeda

    “The U.S. military’s first and only study looking into ties between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and al Qaeda showed no connection between the two, according to a military report released by the Pentagon.”Iraq war was about protecting Israel..All about Israel…

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    The Wright stuff, Obama, truth and the Jews from a Zionist-Illuminist viewpoint

    Dr. Jeremiah Wright isn’t the problem


    9/11 Conspiracy – Is there Evidence to Support Pastor Wright claim that Israel Airport Security Firm gave the terrorist a free pass? Did Israel Play a part in 9/11? What is the Truth

    in the 9-11 terror case in which an Israeli security company is a key defendant and in which individuals from Israeli military intelligence are suspected of being involved, was Hellerstein chosen to preside over all 9-11 victim lawsuits – and who chose him? Huntleigh USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of an Israeli company.

    Israel Connection to 9/11 | Wake Up America …Don’t be Duped

    This Israeli-run company is the owner of Huntleigh USA, the airport security firm that ran passenger screening operations at the airports of Boston and ..

    Israel | Protocols: Chapter of Controversy of Zion

    Doug Reed describes how Zionism and the New World Order took control of England during WWI. World Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann lobbied Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and Army Chief Sir William Robertson to divert soldiers from the Western Front to conquer Palestine. When the British leaders demurred, Weizmann used money and control of the press to install Lloyd George and Sir Henry Wilson in their place.
    More than a million men were then diverted to the Middle East. Palestine was conquered and promised to the Zionists in a letter to Lord Rothschild in November 1917 (the Balfour Declaration). During the same week, the Bolsheviks took power in Moscow. American soldiers replaced the British troops on the Western Front. The conspiracy was firing on all cylinders.
    The other people in Lloyd George’s pro-Zionist government — Lord Milner, Philip Kerr (later Lord Lothian), Robert Cecil — were all members of the “Round Table”, Cecil Rhode’s secret society dedicated to world government.

    State Dept. cites new forms of anti-Semitism (USA Today) New forms of anti-Semitism are emerging around the world, promoting prejudice against Jews by attacking Israeli policy and Zionism, the philosophic underpinning of a Jewish state, the State Department reported Thursday. Apostasy: “Christian” Zionism and multi-faith False Unity Hagee has become one of America’s best known proponents of a movement with a contradictory name: Christian Zionism. It is a marriage of politics and current events as seen though particular interpretations of biblical writings,

    Israeli forces have killed 120 people in the Gaza Strip, the bloodiest day for Palestinians since an uprising against Israeli occupation began in 2000
    Reuters | Sunday, 02 March 2008

    McCain backs Israeli Terrorist Attacts on Gaza PRESS TV, Iran – US presidential hopeful McCain lends support to Tel Aviv, saying that an attack on Israel threatens everything the West holds dear.
    McCain: Israel’s enemies are ours Jewish Telegraphic Agency, NY – Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah are as much a threat to the West as they are to Israel, John McCain said. The Republican candidate for the US presidency voiced ..


    THINK OF THE CHILDREN: Medics tend to a Palestinian girl after an Israeli missile strike on a house in Gaza.

    Photo 1 of 4 next previous

    DEVASTATION: Palestinians inspect a house after it was hit by an Israeli missile.

    Photo 2 of 4 previous previous
    A Palestinian woman inspecting her destroyed bedroom after an IAF strike on Gaza (Reuters)

    IDF kills 20 Palestinians in Gaza, W. Bank, including 5 children One of the many children killed in Lebanon by Israels’ Army during their invasion.. Hagee, Hillary and Mccain supported the invasion that left over 300 innocent people are now dead in Lebanon since Israel began its bombardment.



    THINK OF THE CHILDREN: Medics tend to a Palestinian girl after an Israeli missile strike on a house in Gaza.

    Photo 1 of 4 next previous

    Christian Zionism is Deceitful Israeli Front The deceived American churches were infiltrated and new doctrine introduced unique to the 20th century which captured churches for the purpose of changing previous Christian resistance to a pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist political agenda,
    Abbas: Gaza attacks ‘a holocaust’ and Terrorism The Palestinian president has accused Israel of “international terrorism”, saying its assault on Gaza constitutes “more than a holocaust”
    Canada.comSaudi compares Israel Gaza offensive to Nazi crimesRIYADH, March 2 (Reuters) – US ally Saudi Arabia compared Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip to Nazi war crimes on Sunday and called on the international

    Rice concerned over humanitarian conditions in Gaza The U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has stated that she “had concerns” over the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian Gaza Strip, due to the recurring deaths of Palestinian civilians during the attacks.

    Zionist Starvation Plan

    rOver 6000 Palestinian refugees from Gaza, including children, babies, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly, and unarmed civilians have been stranded on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border of Gaza for over one month now.


    State Dept. cites new forms of anti-Semitism (USA Today) New forms of anti-Semitism are emerging around the world, promoting prejudice against Jews by attacking Israeli policy and Zionism, the philosophic underpinning of a Jewish state, the State Department reported Thursday.

    Arthur Koestler’s Book The Thirteenth Tribe..Who Are Modern-day Jew? Are They Semitic? Truth

    The Thirteenth Tribe, Arthur Koestler refutes the idea of a Jewish “race.” Moreover, he says that most Jews of the contemporary world did not come from Palestine and are not even of Semitic origin. His research shows that most Jews originated in what today is the Soviet Union. And that a group of people there became Jews through conversion, on the orders of their king. “The bulk of modern Jewry is not of Palestinian, but of Caucasian origin,” Koestler writes. “Their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus.” Arthur Koestler, a Jewish historian, in his work, “The Thirteenth Tribe”, …. they bow their knee to these super rich Kharzar Zionist communist Jews. Israel threatens to unleash ‘holocaust’ in Gaza

    NewWorldOrderResearch.Org and Campaign 2008

    Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it. Bill; Hillary Clinton ; the Bushes serve the same masters. ZIONISM: A BLIGHT ON THE JEWISH PEOPLE History of Modern Day Jews – Khazaria The Christian Right: Not Right, Not Following Christ Christian Right pastors and spokesmen in thousands of churches swear that Israel has a biblical right to bomb Gaza and Lebanon. They teach that to resist Israel is to interfere with God’s Plan. The normally Israeli-sympathetic network Christian Zionism: Religion as Law, Power, and Conquest Even among conservative and fundamentalist Christians, Christian Zionists represent some of the most extreme and dangerous ideologues in American religion. Unfortunately, they are also very influential in conservative Christianity; the. ..

    SabbathSunday Bill Survey Shows Support – Sunday Becoming the Oficial Day of Rest in Israel Inside IsraelIsrael

    MK Yitzchak Levy of the National Union party said the bill paves the way for further deterioration in the character of the Sabbath in the State of Israel. . The Rapture Truth – Its Origin and Influence in World Affairs

    Preachers and teachers like John Hagee, Jack Van Impe, Pat Robinson, Thomas Ice, Jesse Duplantis, Bennie Hinn, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Charles Blake… Promote an Anti-Protestant, Anti-Reformation Doctrine

    John McCain and Hillary Clinton Stands With John Hagee Religious Extremism John Hagee – and John McCain is there with him. John Hagee says that all non-Christians deserve the punishment of eternal suffering – and John McCain is there with him... Sen. Hillary Clinton was given a big fundraising party by Rothchilds’ agent and Illuminist Rupert Murdoch and then she held a news conference to express her unwavering support for Israel’s illegal and immoral policy of “collective punishment” in Gaza and in Lebanon. (Murdoch’s empire covers Fox television, filmed entertainment, cable network programming, book publishing, direct broadcast satellite television, magazines and newspapers operating in the United States, Australia, Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and the Pacific Basin.


    This proves our contention that Hillary and Bill Clinton are practicing Illuminists .

    Hidden Agenda – The Goals of the Illuminati’s World …Clinton Connection

    Hillary is to become President of the U.S.A. and Bill Clinton is to be elevated to the to prosecute American citizens disloyal to the New World Order;

    The Blessed Hope and The New World Order – Video « Sword of Truth

    New World Order 101: January 2008

    On one side you have Al Gore, Illuminati in good standing. ….. Discover the story behind Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Mena Arkansas cocaine smuggling Hillary Clinton’s Hidden Agenda of Manipulation (February 5, 2007)

    The Beast: One World Government- NWO and British Israel Network – Vatican

    Hillary Clinton is part of the Rhodes Scholar network via her husband. …… firmly in control of the Catholic Church and NWO, are well known black


    More than $1 billion annually was illegally funneled through ORU to Board Members Dollar, Hinn, Copeland, Hagee, Duplantis and others lawsuit claims (Tulsa World

    more than $1 billion annually was funneled through the university, possibly to individual regents. “It appears that many of the former board members were actual participants in the funneling of money through the university for their own eventual personal use, and thus, the foxes were watching the hen house,”

    Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III got stood up at the negotiation table Monday when his estranged wife evangelist Juanita Bynum failed to show for a mediation of their divorce.



    Welfare Reform:” Clinton Kills Safety Net

    Welfare Reform:” Clinton Kills Safety Net. Give the Clintons credit for ending the program design to help poor and low-income families. . The repeal of the welfare system is merely the latest manifestation of the class warfare that the Democrats and Republicans have waged on behalf of their corporate financial backers since Ronald Reagan’s election. The principal victims are poor women, children, minorities, and immigrants, but its impact will be concretely felt by many low and moderate income workers. The legislation blames poor people for their plight (e.g., they’re lazy, abuse drugs, have too many children out of wedlock), rather than addressing the economic conditions that create poverty.

    Gov. Rendell of Pa: Whites Won’t Support Obama Because Of Race

    Rendell: Some Whites Won’t Support Obama Because Of Race – The Huffington Post. Against John whites will not vote for Hussein FACT. Basketball champs refuse to play on Sabbath – WorldNetDaily “Sports aren’t at the top of the list by any means,” he told the newspaper. God is First The 101-year-old academy teaches strict adherence to the Ten Commandments, including the 4th, which is “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” It defines the Sabbath as the traditional Jewish day from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. The result? No games on Friday night or Saturday.

    The Catholic Origins of Futurism and Preterism

    Anti-Protestant and Anti-Reformation Doctrine.. Perry Stone (Manna Fest), Founder and President of Voice of Evangelism Ministries Inc.


      February 1, 2008 Personal Faith and Candidate Image in the 2008 Campaign The personal faith of candidates has played a significant role in the 2008 campaign.

    The Final Good-Bye…Bring Our Brave Soldiers Home Alive From the Bush War in Iraq.. 4000 of our finest have died in a war that should had never been fought..



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    Evangelist Bynum skips divorce meeting Basketball champs refuse to play on Sabbath – WorldNetDaily

    “Sports aren’t at the top of the list by any means,” he told the newspaper. God is FirstThe 101-year-old academy teaches strict adherence to the Ten Commandments, including the 4th, which is “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” It defines the Sabbath as the traditional Jewish day from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. The result? No games on Friday night or Saturday.                                                                                                                                                


    Senator Gressley has demanded financial records from several big-name TV preachers says … ( The Iowa Republican who has demanded financial records from several big-name TV preachers says he’ll subpoena the documents if the ministers won’t relinquish them voluntarily.

    Defiant Texas televangelist further scrutinized amid GOP fundraising (Fort Worth Star-Telegram) Televangelist Kenneth Copeland remains defiant in refusing to cooperate with a U.S. senator’s request for information about his finances, and despite the controversy he continues having a prominent role in helping raise funds for Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee. Copeland, whose ministry is based in Newark, northwest of Fort Worth near Eagle …

    pin also proves the New World Order is very, very close.

    Hillary Clinton, Rupert Murdoch and John Hagee Connection – NWO

    Hillary Clinton was given a big fundraising party by Rupert Murdoch and then Hagee’s evangelical enterprise because “we’re bringing into a pro-Israel

    The Cost of ChristianZionism – Is it of God?

    British Israel, The Hidden Hand Behind The ‘Kingdom of God on


    CBC.caBlack Eyed Peas frontman creates video hit with unsolicited Obama song“It was as if he was talking to me,” said Tuesday night as Obama and Clinton contended for the Democratic presidential nomination. “It was as if he was talking to and defending everything that made me who I am. I took that speech, and I wanted everyone else to be inspired by that speech as I was.”

    Creflo Dollar could get subpoena Senator Grassley investigating six prominent television Christian ministries, including two in Atlanta, said he would take up Creflo Dollar’s challenge to subpoena the documents he requested from them, if necessary….


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    Bishop Paul Morton’s Minister of Music Charged with Child Sexual Molestation and Intentionally exposing minor boy with AIDS – Morton denied charges

    Phillip Britton–music minister at Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship founder Bishop Paul Morton–denied the charges — The music minister at a large New Orleans church has been charged with intentionally exposing a teen-age boy to the AIDS virus. Phillip Britton-and the two had sex more than 100 times in a year, the newspaper said.
    NEW ORLEANS, LA (CHARISMA) — The music minister at a large New Orleans church has been charged with intentionally exposing a teen-age boy to the AIDS virus. Phillip Britton–music minister at Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church, led by Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship founder Bishop Paul Morton–denied the charge brought last week, “The Times-Picayune” said. Britton, 38, was charged earlier with having sex with an underage male. A police report said that Britton met the boy from another church through choir activities, and the two had sex more than 100 times in a year, the newspaper said.
    Deception in the Church – The Word-Faith Movement Errors has been found and exposed and should be dealt with in love for those damaged by the deception of Copeland, Hinn, Dollar, Long, Meyers, Duplantis, Caldwell, Hagee, Hagin, Impe, Osborne, Tilton, Osteen, Avanzini

    Add Video to QuickList The Clintons’ Terror Pardons

    Pardons and commutations signed on final day in office

    Clinton issued 140 pardons as well as several commutations on his last day of office (January 20, 2001).[12] When a sentence is commuted, the conviction remains intact, but the sentence can be altered in a number of ways. Some controversial actions include the following:

    • Carlos A. Vignali had his sentence for cocaine trafficking commuted, after serving 6 of 15 years in federal prison.
    • Almon Glenn Braswell was pardoned of his mail fraud and perjury convictions, even while a federal investigation was underway regarding additional money laundering and tax evasion charges.[13] Braswell and Carlos Vignali each paid approximately $200,000 to Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham, to represent their respective cases for clemency. Hugh Rodham returned the payments after they were disclosed to the public.[14] Braswell would later invoke the Fifth Amendment at a Senate Committee hearing in 2001, when questioned about allegations of his having systematically defrauded senior citizens of millions of dollars.[15]
    • Marc Rich, a fugitive, was pardoned of tax evasion, after clemency pleas from Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, among many other international luminaries. He was required to pay a $100 million dollar fine and waive any use of the pardon as a defense against any future civil charges that were filed against him in the same case. Critics complained that Denise Rich, his former wife, had made substantial donations to the Clinton library and to Mrs. Clinton’s senate campaign. Emails uncovered during the course of the investigation revealed that her final donation was provided a year before Scooter Libby requested that she approach Clinton for a pardon. According to Paul Volcker’s independent investigation of Iraqi Oil-for-Food kickback schemes, Marc Rich was a middleman for several suspect Iraqi oil deals involving over 4 million barrels of oil.[16]
    • Susan McDougal, who had already completed her sentence, was pardoned for her role in the Whitewater scandal; McDougal had served 18 months on contempt charges for refusing to testify about Clinton’s role.
    • Dan Rostenkowski, a former Democratic Congressman convicted in the Congressional Post Office Scandal. Rostenkowski had served his entire sentence.
    • Melvin J. Reynolds, a Democratic Congressman from Illinois, who was convicted of bank fraud, 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice, and solicitation of child pornography had his sentence commuted on the bank fraud charged and was allowed to serve the final months under the auspices of a half way house. He had served his entire sentence on child sex abuse charges before the commutation of the later convictions.
    • Roger Clinton, the president’s half-brother, on drug charges after having served the entire sentence more than a decade before. Roger Clinton would be charged with drunk driving and disorderly conduct in an unrelated incident within a year of the pardon.[17] He was also briefly alleged to have been utilized in lobbying for the Braswell pardon, among others. However, no wrongdoing was uncovered.
    • FALN Commutation of 1999

      On August 11, 1999, Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of FALN, a violent Puerto Rican nationalist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States mostly in New York City and Chicago, convicted for conspiracies to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as for firearms and explosives violations.The commutation was opposed by U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons and criticized by many including former victims of FALN terrorist activities, the Fraternal Order of Police,[5] members of Congress, and Hillary Clinton in her campaign for Senator.[6] Congress condemned the action, with a vote of 95-2 in the Senate and 311-41 in the House.[7][8] The U.S. House Committee on Government Reform held an investigation on the matter, but the Justice Department prevented FBI officials from testifying.[9] President Clinton cited executive privilege for his refusal to turn over some documents to Congress related to his decision to offer clemency to members of the FALN terrorist group.

    • Kenneth Copeland

      (2) Kenneth Copeland Leads Believers In A Dangerous Prayer Of Salvation by Deception In The Church, 1998 “The Kenneth Copeland Ministries web site (would

    The Stock Market Conspiracies, the Illuminati and One World Government

    The stock market is overvalued and rigged. People are deceived into investing in banks and multinationals. A crash will give the citizens’ property to the .. 5 million have died in Congo conflict

    .Ga. Preacher Pleads Guilty in Sex Case The Associated Press – Jan 16, 2008 ATLANTA (AP) — The 80-year-old leader of a megachurch pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying under oath about his sexual affairs and was sentenced to 10 years’


    Fox news report about the Earl Paulk Scandal…Earl Paulk The chathedral news..


    Archbishop Earl Paulk is involved in yet another sex scandal, this time with his brother’s wife….

    The Clinton Chronicles

    The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton..intrigue, murder and cover-up..the great conspiracy… The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill and Hillary Clinton… This video explored the deaths of Vincent Foster and an alleged cocaine-smuggling operation purportedly involving then Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton.[1] These deaths were part of the debunked conspiracy theory known as the “Clinton Body Count”, which grew as years went by, as connections to Clinton were added with varying degrees of allegedly suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths.[2]

    Bill Clinton and The Illuminati / Masonic Power

    (Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Bloodlines) Vice President Al Gore 1993-2000. Confirmed Mason. Bill Clintons Criminal Background … President Clinton is ..

    Truth about Israel- Founded and funded by The Rothschild as a Masonic Occult State – PICTURES: ISRAELI whole capital is

    ISRAEL WAS NOT FOUNDED AS A JEWISH STATE, IT’S FOUNDED AS OCCULT STATE (like the U.S.): This report will shock and upset some; it is one I have put off for over 4 years. After struggling with it I have decided now is the time to write it. Knowing it could be misunderstood as anti-Semitic. God forbid that I a Jew should ever say or do anything that would be remotely considered as such, but I must admit this report does not come easy for me. The fact still remains that an evil force has been put into place in Jerusalem and has spread throughout Israel,…This report will prove that such a move is underway and has been for quiet some time……the architectural design of the New Israeli Supreme Court Building designed and paid for by Rothchilds reflects instead only the presence of Free Masonry & Illuminati architecturally.

    Allen Hunt Joins Hands with the Pope and Converts to the Catholic Church

    Allen Hunt to Convert to the Catholic Church. H/T Tiber Jumper:. Allen Hunt, a pastor of the third largest Methodist Church in the USA, has announced his .

    The Truth about The Obama-Kennedy connection Democrats seeking a new Camelot in Obama.. Is He the Next John Kennedy? Wow

    CNN debunks Fox-News false report about Obama attending a radical

    Allegations that Sen. Barack Obama was educated in a radical Muslim school known as a “madrassa” are not accurate, according to CNN reporting. Barack Obama: I respect Muslims but I’m not a Muslim and never been


    Obama’s parents, Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr., met and married in she sent Obama, then 10, back to Hawaii to be with his maternal grandparents mostly .

    One night in Iowa heralds a new American revolution

    White House race marked by voters’ call for change DES MOINES, Iowa (AFP) — The race for the White House moved to New Hampshire on Friday marked by a clear call for change delivered by voters in Iowa’s


    Caucus Night, January 3 2008…iowa Caucus Night victory speech barack obama blogs         Obama’s Victory Speech Obama’s finest speeches do not excite… They elevate. They enmesh you in a grander moment, as if history has stopped flowing passively by, and, just for an instant, contracted around you, made you aware of its presence, and your role Israel And The Secret Rapture


    Back To Israel with Joe Van Koevering Fast-forwarding to the apocalypse PETERSBURG – At the end of his half-hour television segment, Joe Van Koevering urges viewers to mail in their $250 checks. He sweetens his pitch with the Televangelists Living Like Kings? Read more on the probe from the CBS News InvestigativeUnit Tulsa World: Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn lose clout on ORU’s board Paul Morton is a Kingpin in the Pulpit Pimp Racket! BBC NEWS: Tony Blair joins Catholic faith Former Prime Minister Tony Blair converts from the Anglican to the Catholic Church in a special service. Jesse Duplantis Forced to Resign from ORU Regent (KOTV 6 Tulsa) TULSA, Okla. (AP) — For the second time in a week a regent is resigning from the Oral Roberts University board of regents. ORU announced Tuesday that televangelist Jesse Duplantis is stepping down as a regent. The announcement comes after Creflo Dollar resigned as a regent last week and regent Benny Hinn lost his status as a voting member. THE OTHER GOSPEL OF JOHN HAGEE: CHRISTIAN ZIONISM AND ETHNIC SALVATION The Threat of Christian Zionism, Politics, and John Hagee (2) In light of what has previously been said, it should be apparent that Christian Zionism has the potential to shape the beliefs and practices of its adherents in a great many arenas. Some of these will now be designated more clearly: The Threat of Christian Zionism, Politics, and John Hagee (1) I suspect that the impact is significant enough to warrant a strong warning statement about the movement known as Christian Zionism, and the hyper-Dispensationalism which drives it, from the leaders of the evangelical Church.    

                                                                                                                                                 Telling the True Story about Christian Tulsa, OK. Night to Honor Israel Christians United For Israel Co-convened by Robert Stearns with Pastor Jack Hayford, Dr. Fred Price, Mr. Pat Boone,



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    Earl Paulk: Sex Scandal Hits Atlanta-Area Megachurch The 80-year-old leader of a suburban Atlanta megachurch is at the center of a sex scandal of biblical dimensions: He slept with his brother’s wife and fathered a child by her.

    Torch of Truth International: The New World Order – Religious and Political Conspiracy…

    The New World Order – Religious and Political Conspiracy …. Jack Hayford, John Hagee, Joe van Koevering, Jan Hanson, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Tim Lahaye, TBN, CBN, Happy Caldwell, Jack Van Impe, Jan Markell, Bennie Hinn, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, COGIC, AOG, Full Gospel, Foursquare, Southern Baptist, Evangelical, Christian Zionism, new roberts van pat Creflo world thomas Pastor Israel ..

    Albert Pike, Masons and the New World Order

    Pike was a confederate general who committed the most heinous atrocities of the war his tomb is located just 13 blocks from the Capitol Building. He was a high ranking member of the Illuminati who is still revered by the New World Order Gang. The god of the Illuminati and the New World Order Gang is Lucifer. “The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. . . Yes, Lucifer is God,

    Barack Obama: “We’re In This Together”




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    Paula White’s Friend Bishop Hawkins Caught In A Sex Scandal

    Rick Hawkins is a showman. He’s a charismatic and powerful preacher saving souls in the name of the Lord. He also shapes the lives of students at his Rick Hawkins is a showman. He’s a charismatic and powerful preacher saving souls in the name of the Lord. He also shapes the lives of students at his School of Excellence, a charter school bearing his name. Hawkins is the author of several books, including advice on relationships.

    Hawkins is also a preacher with a problem. Hundreds of followers have made a mass exodus, leaving his… (more)

    Sex Scandal Rocks Atlanta Church Community (CBS 46 News Atlanta)

    Special to the Times Union. What’s not to like about “The Golden Compass”?. The first novel in Philip Pullman’s popular children’s fantasy trilogy …

    Joyce Meyer Ministries is a target of GOP senator’s probe Among other things, the senator wants to know the tax-exempt purpose of items purchased for her ministry’s headquarters, such as a $23000 marble-topped commode, a $30000 conference table and an $11219 French clock. Bishop Weeks Apologizes To His Wife Juanita Bynum


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    The Illuminati and the New World Order San Antonio Pastor Accused In Sex Scandal | WOAI.COM: San Antonio News Televangelist PaulaWhite Included In Federal Probe · Rick Hawkins’ MySpace Page · Comment on this story… The News 4 Trouble Shooters spent .. .”YouTube – PWhite’s Friend Bishop Hawkins Caught In A Sex Scandal

      “The amazing thing is that there is so much scandal going on right now compared to the …. PWhite Announces Divorce From Husband “Breaking News” …”

    CHRISTIAN ZIONISM . . . THE NEW HERESY THAT SWAYS THE USLatest Juanita Bynum News – Life In Turmoil Before Attact Pastor Rod Parsley The Ultimate Zionist-Illuminati Secret Agent This is what Pastor Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio teaches. Pastor Rod Parsley is no nonsense Tele-Evangelist preacher with TV program seen by Million viewers, he tell his 5200 worshipers at the church sanctuary

    Paula And Randy White Divorce Update

    SENATOR GRASSLEY LIKELY TO PROBE SIX MINISTRIES IN THREE AREAS: ECFA executive tells Church Executive Magazine what … (Eurweb)

    Senate Inquiry Targets Six Televangelists, Including Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer, Eddie Long, Paula White, Kenneth Copeland…

    Billy Graham, Robert Shuller, Benny Hinn, Jack Van Impe, Jerry Falwell, As subtitled in one of the chapters from The Union Jack below states– they House of Rothschild – New World Order – Israel and Masonry – Illuminati-Politics

    Jack Hayford « Spiritual Pathways Ministries Library

    Jack Hayford of the Church of the Way in Van Nuys, California, is the founding pastor. Two of his congregation just happen to be Paul and Jan Crouch of TBN (the Baloney Network). And, yes, he comes with all the frills and CHILLS of the Faith Movement with an emphasis on extra biblical revelation to the extreme. He has often cited that God speaks vocally directly to him to the point where he can “officially” say, “And, I quote”. Jewwatch Critiques JHagee’s Heresy Frank Weltner discusses JHagee’s heresy. Will Christian Zionists listen? Not if they’ve chosen to worship Jews rather than Christ. JohnHagee’s Dual Covenant Duplicity Part Three If John Hagee really loved the Jewish people he would tell then that the savior they seek was born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago. He would tell them that their adherence to the Torah is worthless without a sacrifice. .. Jesuits infiltration of Protestant Churches – by Ex-Jesuit Priest

    Christian Updates – Freemasonry and The New World Order.

    Albert Pike teaches that Freemasons of the 30-32 Degrees are to be told that Lucifer Roman Catholic spiritual The 700 Club Oral Roberts Baker tribulation.

    Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), ChristianZionism-NewWorld Order



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    Zionism and AIPAC a danger to everyone on earth

    Challenging the False Teachings of Christian Zionism and Apocalyptic Rapture Teachings on

    The Khazar Are Zionist and Illuminati

    The Khazar Are Zionist and Illuminati. “It is the Khazars behind Judaism, TV preacher and Christian cult leader Pat Robertson broadcasts the American Christian Zionism: Justifying Racism in the Name of God Cyrus Scofeld, Baptist, Zionists and the Illuminati Connection

    Rothschild – NWO – Israel and Masonry

    israel today > Word from Jerusalem > Foursquare Church comes to Israel


    How much false doctrine or practice does a false religious leader have to exhibit ….. (Catholic) Cardinal William H. Keeler of Baltimore, Jack Hayford,

    The Truth About the Lord’s Day – Saturday (7th day) or Sunday (1st day) TD Jakes Sabbath Sermon Video

    Congress wants to see records from flashy televangelists (Detroit News)11-14-2007- ATLANTA — In the Rev. Dollar’s chapel last week, a man in jeans and a baseball jersey bowed his head and opened his wallet. In front of him, a woman in nursing scrubs leaned on her Bible to write a check. And when the congregation stood up in prayer, some — speaking in tongues — waved collection envelopes in the air. CREFLO DOLLAR DEFENDS HIS BAD MONEY MANAGEMENT: Pastor responds to probe on CBS’ The Early Show (Eurweb)

    $23,000 Holy Toilet

    Joyce Meyer’s $23,000 Toilet: A Symbol Of The Prosperity Gospel

    …Monday, Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, asked Meyer to provide his staff with documents detailing the finances of the Joyce Meyer Ministries, including the religious group’s compensation to Meyer, her husband and other family members, as well as an…

    YouTube – Joyce MeyerLittle Gods

    Joyce Meyer teaching the unBiblical doctrine that Christians are little gods.var mb1=ManyBox.register(‘1′,2,’Qca1s88miNcJ’,”,’8646′,21,’Watch video’,’Hide video’) Watch video



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    Creflo Dollar Interview Part 1 Televangelists’ reportedly lavish lifestyles draw senator’s scrutiny (Fort Worth Star-Telegram) Minister calls Senate probe ‘unjust’ (AP via Yahoo! News)

    Set For The Defense of the Gospel – Exposing Kenneth Copeland

    Kenneth Copeland Claims That Jesus Christ Was Not God’s First ...GOP Senator Investigates Spending at Several TV Ministries (Washington Post)Ex-employees: Copeland ministry followers being misled (Dallas Morning News)Minister targeted in probe of church finances calls it an attack on religious freedom (KARE 11 Minneapolis-St. Paul) Bishop Eddie Long, one of several ministers targeted by a Senate investigation into possible financial wrongdoing,

    Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland FREEMASONS

    The Present-Day Mason – Illumimati Theory – Rothechild’s Israel and Christianity

    He, himself a Mason, reveals that Bavarian and German Masonry had been corrupted by …. Jack Van Impe, Charles Taylor, John Hagee, Peter and Paul Lalonde,

    The Rothschild Internationalist-Zionist …Balfour Accord

    Gave the Zionist Jews both the opportunity and the license to steal land in Palestine and establish an independent Jewish state. However, — to be fair and circumspect — The Zionists of Theodor Herzl’s day were not the terrorists that they became after they gained a foothold in The Holy Land! Patti Roberts,Richard’s First Wife Exposes Heresy of Richard and Oral.

    The Truth About the Rapture, Second Coming and The New World Order

    Rev.21: 2 And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out …. than help spread the truth according to God’s Word.

    New Vedic Order -KKK – White Nationalism – British Israel

    He also was the founder of the KKK. He writes about the plan and goal of the Illuminati or the Freemasons. Albert Pike wrote about how the Illuminati see

    Torch of Truth International: The Truth Behind The Rapture

    John Hagee, Zionist-Illuminati Agent – New World Order- national chairman of Christians United for Israel, What is the truth behind the Rapture? The Truth About the Rapture, Second Coming and The New World Order

    Mystical Rapture – It’s Catholic (Jesuits) & Secret Society Connection

    Truth, Justice and the Oral Roberts University Scandal Accusations that son squandered university coffers ‘shock’

    COGIC Convocation Bishop GD McKinney, Roy Winbush, CD Owens, NW Wells, PA Brooks, LR Anderson, JN Haynes, EJ Wright, WA Hamilton, Bishop Charles Blake



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    Creflo Dollar Interview Part 2

    YouTube – The Truth about Freemasons and Their Secret Agenda pt2

    Prophecy of the Century II

    Prophecy of the Century II



    Spiritual Abortionist

    It was in the days of Israel leaders wanted the adoration, homage of man, Hal Lindsey, Happy Caldwell, Hilton Sutton, Jack Hayford, Jack Van Impe, The Rapture, The Dome and The Third Jerusalem Temple (part 1)

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    Sojourner Truth and Her Religious Beliefs – Obama Expand Faith-Base Program

    Sojourner Truth and The Second Advent of Christ – Rapture Truth

    Sojourner Truth (The Second Advent Doctrines)Sojourner Truth (Isabella Van Wagener), the famous abolitionist, was believed to be a Seventh-dayAdventist – through the efforts of Uriah Smith.Though her baptism by Smith is questioned by some historians, it is generally accepted that Sojourner Truth was acquainted with Advent teachings and accepted the Sabbath. She knew Ellen White, John Byington, Dr. J. H. Kellogg, and other prominent church leaders. She spoke at the Battle Creek Sanitarium and several other church gatherings. Her grave is in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Battle Creek, near the White family burial place.

    In October of 1856, Sojourner Truth went to Michigan to address the Friends of Human Progress Association. It was there that she spoke about the injustice of slavery and its impact on families. She told the audience about her five children that she loved but lost to slavery. However, Truth believed in God and also believed that all the rights and love that were taken away from slaves in this life would be returned to them in heaven.

    On June 12, 1863, the newspaper ran a version of one of Truth’s speeches from a meeting at the State Sabbath Convention in Battle Creek, Michigan. Here Truth spoke to the people about race relations and how God made everyone who they are, so it was not fair to degrade others based on their race because it was God who had made them that way. “Does not God love colored children as well as white children? And did not the same Saviour die to save the one as well as the other? If so, white children must know that if they go to Heaven, they must go there without their prejudice against color, for in Heaven black and white are one in the love of Jesus.”

    In an October 29, 1864 letter dictated by Sojourner Truth to a friend, Rowland Johnson, Truth speaks of her meeting with President Abraham Lincon. Truth told God that she believed Lincoln was a good man, and if he were spared and not “thrown into the lion’s den and the lions did not tear him up,” then she would know that God had saved him for her to meet. Therefore, in his four years, she at some point had to meet him. They spoke about the end of slavery and how grateful she was to him for signing the treaty. In her letter, Truth said, “I must say, I am proud to say, that I never was treated by anyone with more kindness and cordiality than were shown to me by that great and good man, Abraham Lincoln, by the grace of God, president of the United States for four years more.”


    The Narrative of Sojourner Truth
    Written by Olive Gilbert, based on information provided by Sojourner Truth. 1850

    (Excerpt of Narrative)


    In Hartford and vicinity, she met with several persons who believed in the ‘Second Advent’ doctrines; or, the immediate personal appearance of Jesus Christ. At first she thought she had never heard of ‘Second Advent.’ But when it was explained to her, she recollected having once attended Mr. Miller’s meeting in New York, where she saw a great many enigmatical pictures hanging on the wall, which she could not understand, and which, being out of the reach of her understanding, failed to interest her. In this section of country, she attended two camp-meetings of the believers in these doctrines-the ‘second advent’ excitement being then at its greatest height. The last meeting was at Windsor Lock. The people, as a matter of course, eagerly inquired of her concerning her belief, as it regarded their most important tenet. She told them it had not been revealed to her; perhaps, if she could read, she might see it differently. Sometimes, to their eager inquiry, ‘Oh, don’t you believe the Lord is coming?’ she answered, ‘I believe the Lord is as near as he can be, and not be it.’ With these evasive and non-exciting answers, she kept their minds calm as it respected her unbelief, till she could have an opportunity to hear their views fairly stated, in order to judge more understandingly of this matter, and see if, in her estimation, there was any good ground for expecting an event which was, in the minds of so many, as it were, shaking the very foundations of the universe. She was invited to join them in their religious exercises, and accepted the invitation-praying, and talking in her own peculiar style, and attracting many about her by her singing.

    When she had convinced the people that she was a lover of God and his cause, and had gained a good standing with them, so that she could get a hearing among them, she had become quite sure in her own mind that they were laboring under a delusion, and she commenced to use her influence to calm the fears of the people, and pour oil upon the troubled waters. In one part of the grounds, she found a knot of people greatly excited: she mounted a stump and called out, ‘Hear! hear!’ When the people had gathered around her, as they were in a state to listen to any thing new, she addressed them as ‘children,’ and asked them why they made such a ‘To-do;-are you not commanded to “watch and pray?” You are neither watching nor praying.’ And she bade them, with the tones of a kind mother, retire to their tents, and there watch and pray, without noise or tumult, for the Lord would not come to such a scene of confusion; ‘the Lord came still and quiet.’ She assured them, ‘the Lord might come, move all through the camp, and go away again, and they never know it,’ in the state they then were.

    They seemed glad to seize upon any reason for being less agitated and distressed, and many of them suppressed their noisy terror, and retired to their tents to ‘watch and pray;’ begging others to do the same, and listen to the advice of the good sister. She felt she had done some good, and then went to listen further to the preachers. They appeared to her to be doing their utmost to agitate and excite the people, who were already too much excited; and when she had listened till her feelings would let her listen silently no longer, she arose and addressed the preachers. The following are specimens of her speech:-

    ‘Here you are talking about being “changed in the twinkling of an eye.” If the Lord should come, he’d change you to nothing! for there is nothing to you.

    ‘You seem to be expecting to go to some parlor away up somewhere, and when the wicked have been burnt, you are coming back to walk in triumph over their ashes-this is to be your New Jerusalem!! Now, I can’t see any thing so very nice in that, coming back to such a muss as that will be, a world covered with the ashes of the wicked! Besides, if the Lord comes and burns-as you say he will-I am not going away; I am going to stay here and stand the fire, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego! And Jesus will walk with me through the fire, and keep me from harm. Nothing belonging to God can burn, any more than God himself; such shall have no need to go away to escape the fire! No, I shall remain. Do you tell me that God’s children can’t stand fire?’ And her manner and tone spoke louder than words, saying, ‘It is absurd to think so!’

    The ministers were taken quite aback at so unexpected an opposer, and one of them, in the kindest possible manner, commenced a discussion with her, by asking her questions, and quoting scripture to her; concluding, finally, that although she had learned nothing of the great doctrine which was so exclusively occupying their minds at the time, she had learned much that man had never taught her.

    At this meeting, she received the address of different persons, residing in various places, with an invitation to visit them. She promised to go soon to Cabotville, and started, shaping her course for that place. She arrived at Springfield one evening at six o’clock, and immediately began to search for a lodging for the night. She walked from six till past nine, and was then on the road from Springfield to Cabotville, before she found any one sufficiently hospitable to give her a night’s shelter under their roof. Then a man gave her twenty-five cents, and bade her go to a tavern and stay all night. She did so, returning in the morning to thank him, assuring him she had put his money to its legitimate use. She found a number of the friends she had seen at Windsor when she reached the manufacturing town of Cabotville, (which has lately taken the name of Chicopee,) and with them she spent a pleasant week or more; after which, she left them to visit the Shaker village in Enfield. She now began to think of finding a resting place, at least, for a season; for she had performed quite a long journey, considering she had walked most of the way; and she had a mind to look in upon the Shakers, and see how things were there, and whether there was any opening there for her. But on her way back to Springfield, she called at a house and asked for a piece of bread; her request was granted, and she was kindly invited to tarry all night, as it was getting late, and she would not be able to stay at every house in that vicinity, which invitation she cheerfully accepted. When the man of the house came in, he recollected having seen her at the camp-meeting, and repeated some conversations, by which she recognized him again. He soon proposed having a meeting that evening, went out and notified his friends and neighbors, who came together, and she once more held forth to them in her peculiar style. Through the agency of this meeting, she became acquainted with several people residing in Springfield, to whose houses she was cordially invited, and with whom she spent some pleasant time.

    One of these friends, writing of her arrival there, speaks as follows. After saying that she and her people belonged to that class of persons who believed in the second advent doctrines; and that this class, believing also in freedom of speech and action, often found at their meetings many singular people, who did not agree with them in their principal doctrine; and that, being thus prepared to hear new and strange things, ‘They listened eagerly to Sojourner, and drank in all she said;’-and also, that she ‘soon became a favorite among them; that when she arose to speak in their assemblies, her commanding figure and dignified manner hushed every trifler into silence, and her singular and sometimes uncouth modes of expression never provoked a laugh, but often were the whole audience melted into tears by her touching stories.’ She also adds, ‘Many were the lessons of wisdom and faith I have delighted to learn from her.’ . . . . ‘She continued a great favorite in our meetings, both on account of her remarkable gift in prayer, and still more remarkable talent for singing, . . . and the aptness and point of her remarks, frequently illustrated by figures the most original and expressive.

    ‘As we were walking the other day, she said she had often thought what a beautiful world this would be, when we should see every thing right side up. Now, we see every thing topsy-turvy, and all is confusion.’ For a person who knows nothing of this fact in the science of optics, this seemed quite a remarkable idea.

    ‘We also loved her for her sincere and ardent piety, her unwavering faith in God, and her contempt of what the world calls fashion, and what we call folly. ‘She was in search of a quiet place, where a way-worn traveller might rest. She had heard of Fruitlands, and was inclined to go there; but the friends she found here thought it best for her to visit Northampton. She passed her time, while with us, working wherever her work was needed, and talking where work was not needed. ‘She would not receive money for her work, saying she worked for the Lord; and if her wants were supplied, she received it as from the Lord. ‘She remained with us till far into winter, when we introduced her at the Northampton Association.’ . . . . ‘She wrote to me from thence, that she had found the quiet resting place she had so long desired. And she has remained there ever since.’


    (An Excerpt) This Far by Faith – Sojourner Truth


    While living in New York, Isabella attended the many camp meetings held around the city, and she quickly established herself as a powerful speaker, capable of converting many. In 1843, she was “called in spirit” on the day of Pentecost. The spirit instructed her to leave New York, a “second Sodom,” and travel east to lecture under the name Sojourner Truth. This new name signified her role as an itinerant preacher, her preoccupation with truth and justice, and her mission to teach people “to embrace Jesus, and refrain from sin.” Sojourner Truth set off on her journey during a period of millennial fervor, with many poised to hear her call to Jesus before the Day of Judgement.


    Sojourner Truth first met the abolitionist Frederick Douglass while she was living at the Northampton Association. Although he admired her speaking ability, Douglass was patronizing of Truth, whom he saw as “uncultured.” Years later, however, Truth would use her plain talk to challenge Douglass. At an 1852 meeting in Ohio, Douglass spoke of the need for blacks to seize freedom by force. As he sat down, Truth asked “Is God gone?” Although much exaggerated by Harriet Beecher Stowe and other writers, this exchange made Truth a symbol for faith in nonviolence and God’s power to right the wrongs of slavery.

    1. Sojourner Truth, along with several members of her family, are buried in Oak  Town,” the more than 2,000 local church members observed the Sabbath on Saturday. 

    Sojourner Truth's grave by .JAIMEE..

    A frequent lecturer at the “Old San” was Sojourner Truth, shown in this portrait with President Abraham Lincoln.
    A frequent lecturer at the “Old San” was Sojourner Truth, shown in this portrait with President Abraham Lincoln.

    Sojourner Truth, although born a slave and unable to read or write, became a nationally famous speaker against the  at the Sabbath School Convention in 

     affiliation (religion) of Sojourner Truth, famed black activist and  Sojourner Truth was acquainted with Advent teachings and accepted the Sabbath.

    Sojourner Truth, nationally known as a charismaticSojourner Truthspeaker for abolition and women’s rights, visited Battle Creek in 1856. She was impressed with the people she met and moved here a year later. For the next 27 years, the illiterate ex-slave made Battle Creek her home, as she continued to travel the country, agitating for human rights for black and white alike.

    Sojourner Truth gravesite at Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, MichiganFor the first ten years she lived in the area, Truth had a home in the village of Harmonia, a community of Quakers and Spiritualists a few miles west of Battle Creek (now the location of Fort Custer Industrial Park). In 1867 she and her family moved into town, where she lived until her death in 1883. Sojourner Truth, along with several members of her family, are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, on the east side of the city.

    James and Ellen WhiteAnother non-conformist was attracted by the tolerance and openness of the Battle Creek community in this period. In 1855, a small group of Seventh-day Adventists invited visionary Ellen White, and her husband, Elder James White , to settle here and make the village the headquarters for their new denomination. In the next fifty years, the small band of believers grew to over 200,000 members world-wide. The SDA church initiated an extensive missionary and health education evangelical ministry, established one of the largest printing and publishing houses in the United States Seventh Day Adventist Central Publishing House - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILED IMAGE, sponsored colleges and medical training institutions and founded a health care facility which became “the largest institution of its kind in the world.”

    Until the early years of the twentieth century when it decentralized, the SDA church was a major influence in Battle Creek. Centered in the west end of town, known as “Advent Town,” the more than 2,000 local church members observed the Sabbath on Saturday. From the 1860s they adhered to revolutionary dietary and health principles, based on the teachings of Ellen White.

    Dr. John Harvey KelloggThese principles were put into practice by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the director of the world-renowned Battle Creek Sanitarium. The “San,” as it was known locally, was famous around the world for its water and fresh air treatments, exercise regimens and diet reform. The San doctors were universally recognized for Palm Garden of the Famous Battle Creek Sanitariumtheir diagnostic, surgical and medical expertise. In its 65 years of operation under Dr. Kellogg’s leadership, the San served thousands of patients, including presidents, kings, movie stars, educators and industrial giants, as well as impoverished charity patients.


    Sabbath Truth -The Truth about the Sabbath


    WIN $64,000 | WorldsLastChance Challenge 

    NOTE: This challenge is a challenge designed to make a point, that there is no 


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