John McCain Committed Adultery with Cindy and Divorce Wife Carol – McCain Ponders Defeat – Who Is Bill Ayers? Is He a Terroist? McCain Board of Radical Group – Obama Acceptance Speech – Whitney Houston, CeCe Winans and Shirley Caesar Gospel – Bishop Thomas Weeks Guilty of Beating Wife Juanita Bynum – COGIC Bishop Guilty of Child Molestation – Obama Music Video with John Legend – Obama Family Pictorial – Senate Investigate Televangelists – Must see Video

John McCain – A True Philadelphia Person – Why People in Pa. won’t vote for John McCain


McCain no stranger to PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Inquirer | 09/15 

15 Sep 2008  Carol McCain was traveling in Philadelphia with Nancy Reagan at the time…..

McCain mentions first wife in Jacksonville – John McCain News …

Sep 15, 2008  Carol McCain rarely acknowledged during candidate’s presidential campaign ahead to his marriage to Cindy McCain and their family life.

Cindy McCain is John McCain’s Wife (Family Photos, Bio) | Bitten 

Sep 2, 2008  He divorced his wife Carol Shepp in 1980 and married Cindy. PHOTOS. Cindy McCain is John McCain’s Wife (Family Photos, Bio) .

John McCain’s Greatest Moral Failure « Quipster

Carol McCain was unaware of her husband’s extramarital affair,  supports McCain’s presidential bid and was recently quoted by the Philadelphia Daily News .

The Carol McCain story: Interesting read – talk |

50 posts – Last post: 13 Sep

The Carol McCain story: Interesting read National/World News Member. Join Date: Oct 2001. Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA. Posts: 9869 ..

Daily Kos: Photos of McCain’s First Wife: Carol McCain

May 17, 2008  Here you go – pics of Carol Shepp (0+ / 0-) ….. Carol McCain got thefamily’s Audi, while McCain was allowed to keep a Datsun 810 and hi

Ross Perot Slams McCain | Newsweek Voices – Jonathan Alter 

Jan 16, 2008  ”After he came home, he walked with a limp, she [Carol McCain] walked with a  New Yorker Obama Cover: Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Who is Bill Ayers? Is he a Terroist? McCain calls him a has been…

Find out what Bill Ayer’s is up to — books, writings, opinions, commentary, feedback, and more.  Biography/History. William Ayers 2006 
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Go to fullsize imageBill Go to fullsize imageAyers Mug 1960 Go to fullsize image  

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Go to fullsize image__bill.Bill Ayers.Bill Ayers (b. 1944) is a former member of the Weather Underground who is now a Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Ayers was a 1960s-era political activist and Weather Underground member. He grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago in a highly privileged family (his father, Thomas Ayers, was Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison) and attended Lake Forest Academy. According to Ayers’ memoir Fugitive Days, he became radicalized at the University of Michigan. During his years there, he became involved in the New Left and the SDS.

Ayers went underground with several comrades after their co-conspirators’ bomb accidentally exploded on March 6, 1970, destroying a Greenwich Village townhouse and killing three members of the Weather Underground (Ted Gold, Terry Robbins, and Diana Oughton, who was Ayers’ girlfriend at the time). He and his colleagues invented identities and traveled continuously. They avoided the police and FBI, while bombing high-profile government buildings including; the United States Capitol, The Pentagon, and the Harry S Truman Building housing the State Department. Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn raised two children, Zayd and Malik, underground before turning themselves in in 1981, when most charges were dropped because of what Ayers described as “extreme governmental misconduct” during the long search for the fugitives. They also adopted a son, Chesa Boudin.

Ayers published his memoirs in 2001 with the book Fugitive Days. In an interview with the New York Times to promote his book, Ayers said, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” He has also edited and written nearly a dozen books on education theory, policy and practice.

Bishop Weeks looking for a new wife after Bynum |

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, head of Duluth-based Global Destiny International He is seeking advice from his followers. This time, Weeks intends to get it right. .


Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III, the ex-husband of evangelist Juanita Bynum, is documenting his search for a new wife on his Web site.

Televangelist’s ex-husband looking for a new wife on Web 

Bishop Weeks looking for a new wife after Bynum on Internet – Global Destiny 

The saga continues with Juanita Bynum’s ex-husband “Bishop” Thomas Weeks III, where I first read that he wants a new wife to mend his broken heart. ..


. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden wave to the crowd amid fireworks and confetti at the Democratic











More than 84000 attend Obama convention speech
The Associated Press –
DENVER (AP) — More than 84000 people have jammed into Invesco Field at Mile



Gospel Greats Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary and BeBe Winans Join BET in Their Nationwide Search for the Next Best Gospel …  

Is John Hagee A False Teacher and Agent of Zionist Israel? – The False Teaching of Christian Zionism

When God-fearing Judeo-Christians from thousands of churches nationwide realize they’ve been conned by political Israel’s agents, they will leave CUFI, Christian Zionism, and the hundred-year-old movement we call “Scofieldism”, to return to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Hagee…said that Katrina was a righteous heavenly punishment against New Orleans sent by God himself…False Teachers JohnHagee Heresy Lies about Jesus and promote the Illuminati and NWO agenda along with John Mccain and Hillary Clinton.

Apostasy: “Christian” Zionism and multi-faith False Unity Hagee has become one of America’s best known proponents of a movement with a contradictory name: Christian Zionism. It is a marriage of politics and current events as seen though particular interpretations of biblical writings,

Israeli forces have killed 120 people in the Gaza Strip, the bloodiest day for Palestinians since an uprising against Israeli occupation began in 2000
Reuters | Sunday, 02 March 2008


THINK OF THE CHILDREN: Medics tend to a Palestinian girl after an Israeli missile strike on a house in Gaza.

Photo 1 of 4 next previous

DEVASTATION: Palestinians inspect a house after it was hit by an Israeli missile.

Photo 2 of 4 previous previous
A Palestinian woman inspecting her destroyed bedroom after an IAF strike on Gaza (Reuters)

IDF kills 20 Palestinians in Gaza, W. Bank, including 5 children

One of the many children killed in Lebanon by Israels’ Army during their invasion.. Hagee, Hillary and Mccain supported the invasion that left over 300 innocent people are now dead in Lebanon since Israel began its bombardment.



THINK OF THE CHILDREN: Medics tend to a Palestinian girl after an Israeli missile strike on a house in Gaza.

Photo 1 of 4 next previous

Christian Zionism is Deceitful Israeli Front The deceived American churches were infiltrated and new doctrine introduced unique to the 20th century which captured churches for the purpose of changing previous Christian resistance to a pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist political agenda,
Abbas: Gaza attacks ‘a holocaust’ and Terrorism
The Palestinian president has accused Israel of “international terrorism”, saying its assault on Gaza constitutes “more than a holocaust”
Saudi compares Israel Gaza offensive to Nazi crimes
RIYADH, March 2 (Reuters) – US ally Saudi Arabia compared Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip to Nazi war crimes on Sunday and called on the international

Rice concerned over humanitarian conditions in Gaza The U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has stated that she “had concerns” over the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian Gaza Strip, due to the recurring deaths of Palestinian civilians during the attacks.

Zionist Starvation Plan

rOver 6000 Palestinian refugees from Gaza, including children, babies, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly, and unarmed civilians have been stranded on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border of Gaza for over one month now.


Arthur Koestler’s Book The Thirteenth Tribe..Who Are Modern-day Jew?

The Thirteenth Tribe, Arthur Koestler refutes the idea of a Jewish “race.” Moreover, he says that most Jews of the contemporary world did not come from Palestine and are not even of Semitic origin. His research shows that most Jews originated in what today is the Soviet Union. And that a group of people there became Jews through conversion, on the orders of their king. “The bulk of modern Jewry is not of Palestinian, but of Caucasian origin,” Koestler writes. “Their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus.”

Arthur Koestler, a Jewish historian, in his work, “The Thirteenth Tribe”, …. they bow their knee to these super rich Kharzar Zionist communist Jews.

Israel threatens to unleash ‘holocaust’ in Gaza

NewWorldOrderResearch.Org and Campaign 2008

Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it. Bill & Hillary Clinton & the Bushes serve the same masters. ZIONISM: A BLIGHT ON THE JEWISH PEOPLE

History of Modern Day Jews – Khazaria

The Christian Right: Not Right, Not Following Christ Christian Right pastors and spokesmen in thousands of churches swear that Israel has a biblical right to bomb Gaza and Lebanon. They teach that to resist Israel is to interfere with God’s Plan. The normally Israeli-sympathetic network





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